Baked cheese cake@Komugi, Paradigm Mall

best buy viagra pills no prescription The recent rave and dessert craze in Klang Valley, Komugi bakery, Jap origin.

clomid drug lawsuits I must say the decor of the bakery, the signages, and the display of their daily bakes do make you want to try every single item, I refrained from listening to my evil gluttony voice and decided to try out their signature seller, the baked hanjuku cheese cake.

From the enlarged displayed image on the poster to holding this wrapped piece of cake on my hand…. wow. Major difference.

Each piece cost RM 3.50.

Gone in 2 controlled mouthfuls. @_@ (could have gone in 1!)

I gotta say the cheesecake was definitely much smoother and softer than most cheesecakes in town, but after eating the cake in Cheesecake factory, that became the benchmark.

Will get the rest of their bestsellers a try on my next visit here.

P/S: I found them being really thoughtful to give tiny pamphlets that teach you how to heat up your tapao-ed bread properly to enjoy them optimally.

Best cheesecake Ive ever had@New York Cheesecake Factory, Seoul

We were aimlessly walking around the Gyungmyeong area after arriving back at Seoul from Yeojoo. This summer retreat was truly blessed, heartfelt with tearful prayers and humbling for me.

Before I left, this shop was still under renovation. Amazingly after 5 days the shop is now opened.

The beautifully displayed cakes decorated with such refined and delicate touches, I could not resist trying the cake, despite the pricey tag (one slice is 5500 won, 15 RM!)

And I was glad I followed my hunch.

By far the best cheesecake I ever had.

The cheese was so soft every mouthful of it just melted into my mouth. The biscuit base layer was also just nice, soft and evenly ground. Definitely the proportion of butter and biscuits was perfection.

One of my friends, a japanese, says the best cheesecake in Malaysia still goes to Secret Recipe’s and I overpromised him that this slice was 100 times better.

The verdict given by him was not 100 haha..but 80 at least! Victory!