Raspberry Merry cake@Mori

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http://buy-generic-clomid.com/generic_clomid_side_effects.htm This was our TLCC women’s first fellowship dinner and we decided to also celebrate along our sister’s post hens’ night, which we missed out.

We had dinner at Apgujeong, Solaris Mont Kiara and it was really fun just catching up on each others lives, and also testimony sharing of how we came to receive the Word of God.

We surprised Anjoe with a post hens’ night cake from Mori, I’ve been told it is her favourite cake and indeed she has great taste! It is a little…ok maybe way a lot off track from the usual party, get bride drunk, do silly things sorta hens’ night, but it is more meaningful this way, to have a fellowship dinner instead.


The sponge was light, and the fruits sandwiched in between added hints of sweetness to the cake. Even though white chocolate shavings cover the cake, the bakery reduced the sweetness of the chocolate and the lightness of the whipped cream helped make the cake more easy to go on full stomach, especially after a full heavy meaty korean meal!


My sincere congratulations to my brother and sister, Anjoe and David. May God continues on to become the centre of your new life together as husband and wife!


Sunday treats@Komugi, Paradigm Mall

Curiosity makes the cat, fatter.
My second Sunday in a row driving over to Paradigm for tea at Komugi. This time around, the calorie content doubled up.


The cheese tart was really good. Dense, thickened, creamy, cheesy and the best part of all…RM 4! Definitely much more worthy than the hanjuku cheese thumbsized cake.


The highly advertised krone, somehow was a letdown for me. The krone crust was too hard and the custard cream filling was not fluffy and packed enough. It was quite difficult to eat without causing a mess. I much preferred the one I had in Italy, that was unbeatable. Its crust was crunchy yet with a light fluffness and its filling was lightly whipped cream. Oooh lala. RM 4.90.

The anpan tasted quite good, after being re-heated in the oven at home. Then again, I love all things red bean. It was already in my good books before I even took the first bite.

The cheese walnut bun (RM 2.60) was yumzers as well! It may seem tiny but generously filled with both the cheese and the nuts. Those health conscious fellas who want to be a little naughty can order this!

All in all, I’m really glad to know the quality of breads and pastries in Malaysia are really on a healthy rise, instead of having always to hear great stories of good bakeries in Singapore.

The only crappy bit of it all is how pricey good bread and pastries can get! 1 simple looking bun can be priced as 1 plate of chap fan! It is honestly absurd. Good job Malaysian leaders for making life easier for the 99% of us. Malaysia bolehhhhh….