Thanksgiving Sunday lunch@The Lord’s Covenant Church, Phileo Damansara I, PJ

buy clomid online Thanksgiving Sunday wasn’t just a day where we are reminded on how thankful we are for the grace given to us by our Father in heaven for the family we have, the food we eat, the roof above our head, our jobs, friends and most importantly… being spiritually awaken, it was also a day of fun as well!

Each of us brought a fruit of any kind to be placed into the thanksgiving fruit basket, and fellowshipped eating fruits together later on!


Baker Sarah helped baked some cupcakes for the little kids to munch on! How lovely!


Star chef Nancy made porridge as well and I gotta salute to her, this was by far the more sincere porridge anyone has ever made. Filled with bits and chunks of seafood deliciousness, every spoonful you are bound to have some fish, squid or prawns. Yums!

A blessed thanskgiving Nov 17th Sunday indeed! Amen.