Cafe De Amigo@Funan Centre A makanSession at Cafe de Amigo. I was partially down with cold and that probably numbed my palate a little. The food at the restaurant was average at best and the wine tonight was average.

viagra generico 50 mg prezzo piu basso a Milano The veal I had was dry, cold and lacking in any flavour. It’s like a piece of dead meat waiting for you to swallow into your tummy’s acid pool. Probably the chef was overwhelmed by the high volume of guest tonight (>100), resulting in mediocre food throughout the night. I would not revisit this outlet again as life is too short to waste on unnecessary calories.
Pal Roger Rose 1996
Eye: Intense honey golden with hue of strawberry red
Nose: Open up after 30mins with hints of honey, bread and citrus. Intense mocha backbone
Palate: It was slight bitter, with hints of mocha, honey, brioche. The body is lacking in complexity, mid and some acid. Purity could be better too. I do not think this wine could be kept for 20-30years but it should develop and peak for the next 5-8 years. Enjoyable!

De Bortoli Cab Sav 1998 (bought from uncle Lim)
EYE: Inky purplish Red
Nose: Intense nose of cassis, leather, currant and some herbal backbone. This baby awakens me from the previous flight of burgundian reds
Palate: Fine firmed tannins, with good amount of herbs,currant, leather. Most of the diners thought it was a Margaux/Bordeaux left bank. It was a beautiful and good value new world red that is very similar style to the old world. Probably what could be improved was the purity and acid.
I’d tasted a superb Parker Estate 98 and now this bottle, which convinced me of the superior vintage of 1998. I am drooling over my other bottles of Fox creek, E&T, Tatachila 98 cav sav. CH Les Justice Sauternes 1998
Eye: Golden honey
Nose: Herbal honey
Palate: Light honey dancing on the palate with good hints of herbal. Could aged further to bring out more tertiary notes.

The line up of wines on my table. Mainly burgundy reds. The best dish of the night.. Lobster Bisque. Fragrant sweet lobster simmered in a thick broth. This is the only dish i’d enjoyed tonight.

Little Penang Cafe@Curve

click Demona: We had dinner at Little Penang Cafe in The Curve, in conjunction with my colleague (YY)’s birthday.

Demona: My colleague, ordered the-20 minutes-waiting-time-required fried kuey teow, but surprisingly his food arrived within 10 minutes. Apparently, the cafe’s fried kuey teow is one of its must-order food here.

You could see 3, relatively big prawns and some crab meat on top of the kuey teow. I tried a little bit to taste, and he was kind enough to give me 1 of the prawns. The texture of the kuey teow was quite smooth, similar to the kuey teow that you eat in Ipoh. However, it was a little too oily for my liking. If I were to finish it by myself, my tummy would’ve definitely felt uneasy from the excess oil. This cost RM 9.00.

Demona: The birthday girl ordered the ruby chestnut dessert. The bowl came looking really pretty alright (I love anything red!) I had a spoonful of it. It was quite sweet, however it was lacking coconut milk. The ice shavings were also not fine enough, so I had to munch a little bit to melt down the ice rather than it just melting in your mouth. This cost RM 4.50.

Another worthy try of the ruby chestnut dessert, is in Sri Melaka! Very fine ice shavings with the right amount of coconut milk!

Demona: My other colleague ordered the cendol, for this after kuey-teow dessert. (Absolutely, artery clogging). I tried this at the branch in KLCC once. It was quite good actually. They did not stinge on the ingredients. You would have more than enough of the starch noodles with green food colouring, red beans, coconut milk and gula melaka. YUMMY! This cost RM 4.50.

For those who have smaller tummy spaces, it is best to share it with someone else after a main course meal to avoid feeling over stuffed later on.

Demona: Another colleague of mine ordered the Mee Siam, a dish of thin rice and egg based noodles, in spicy, sweet and sour soup. It was served with salted soy beans, dried bean curd, boiled egg, tamarind and garnished with spring onions and fried shallots. I tried a spoonful of the soup. It was really good! As explained on the menu, I could taste and distinguish all three flavours combined. This cost RM 9.00.

Demona: I ordered the chicken nasi lemak. Unfortunately, they only serve the drumsticks. I guessed that it was probably because these were all pre-made and packed nicely prior to serving and only re-heated upon an order.

The gravy for the chicken was lovely! Spicy and sweet! However, I would much prefer it to be more on the rendang side. Nevertheless, sweet bliss!

The rice was also quite good as well. You could taste the coconut milk locked into the rice and they do not stick together. However, the serving lacked enough fried anchovies and groundnuts. I finished them before I reached half of my meal. This cost RM 9.00.

Demona: The close up shot of the chicken. YUMMYYYYYYYY.

Demona: I wiped the gravy clean with a lot of food left on my plate. My colleague was kind enough get more gravy for me! And yes, I wiped the bowl of gravy clean too.

Demona: Being a chilli gobbler, no sambal is enough for me without a second go! Wiped it clean as well. I knew that my tummy was going to have a happy burning sensation later on.

Verdict: The meal cost us RM 43.00. The profit margin for the cafe was definitely high. Dishes like these are very, much cheaper, and very much tastier if you eat them at hawker stalls. However, we couldn’t complain much as we had clean, proper tables to dine in, cooling air conditioning and people serving us. Little Penang Cafe will not be a regular visit eatery to me.