Caffe Beviamo@Tanglin Mall


click Demona: Dogma and I took a slow, lazy, chill out walk around Tanglin road/Orchard road, stepping into interesting little boutiques, hotels, and some malls, including Tanglin Mall. We stopped by Cafe Beviamo for tea. Demona: We both shared a strawberry milkshake. SGD 4. It was extremely creamy! The waitress told us that they blended frozen strawberries to create the milkshake. Dogma happily finished most of it. I personally thought that the taste of the milk was overpowering the taste of strawberries and it would had been better if they eased on the amount of creamy milk.

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go site Demona: We ordered a plate of toasted ciabatta bread, with blended chickpeas and olives. SGD 7.50. We were given a cup of butter each, it smelled extremely fragrant! You could just eat the bread plain with the butter itself!


Demona: The chickpea was very flavourful as the herbs and spices were blended together, leaving powerful fragrant smell. Somehow or rather, it tasted like blended murukus (HMMMMMM………..?) Anyhow, it was very, very yummy to eat along with the buttered toasted ciabatta bread. Dogma did a great job in the pict taking, yet again!

Verdict: Worthy try for a light brunch or tea. We shall definitely come back here again for the next try out!

Street Snacks@Tiong Bahru

We had some street snacks just before watching WarLords the movie at TiongBahru.

Warlord: the movie is not for the thinking man. It is basically watching a butcher show with half baked character development.

Shihlin XXL Fried Chicken: The fried chicken was so so, slightly salty, and a heavy touch of sweetness. Demona would love it to be more spiced up!

Yakun Iced Coffee: This beats the Starbucks/Coffee Bean chain for its value and strong aromatic flavour. However, Kilinney Road’s coffee still gets my vote for the best local coffee.