Gloria Jeans Green Tea Frap

The Green Tea Frap Shoot Out:

I do like Starbuck’s Green Tea Latte quite a bit until I’d tried Gloria Jean’s version.
Richer in green tea flavour with a tinge of tea-bitterness aftertaste, Gloria Jeans is more “kau” and generous with the green tea powder. It is also less milky and sweet than Starbucks’s.
Try it out !

Ghiradelli Chocolate Caramel Coffee

I bought a couple packs of Ghiradelli Ground Coffee on my previous trip to California and had totally forgotten about it until today.
Frantically i searched for my Moka Pots and both of them are a tad rusty with white powderish material on the surface. hmmmm,,, fear not, i could still make do with a cheap coffee filter to make myself a good cuppa for a lazy Saturday afternoon..
Upon opening the coffee vacuum packet, a beautiful nose of chocolate caramel nose hit upon me,,, MMMMMMMM, smells fabulous!

Added with Demona’s Dutch lady milk (2007 xmas present),it surely made my day!

Happy Saturday everyone!