Commonwealth Market Coffee Stall Kai suggest this place for excellent coffee + good toast at the Commonwealth hawker centre beside Queensway MRT. The shop name ” White Coffee Stall” looks promising…. Hmmm, result was pretty disappointing.

viagra generico in farmacia senza ricetta pagamento online a Venezia Toast: The kaya was kinda factory made. Nose was bland without the natural caramel nose of egg and sugar/pandan. The bread texture was passable as well. Not holding well.

follow site Coffee: Too much milk. too creamy. Serioulsy lacking in coffee flavor.

Wine Tasting@Tartines Café Francais

Dogma loves wine.
He loves it even more when it is a free tasting session.
But nothing beats free tasting of quality french wines.

B had just started his wine distribution business specializing in French wine. B,being a French selling French wines, there is no better place to showcase his wine than the Tartines Café Francais at Capital Tower.

Few things to highlight for this memorable wine tasting:

  • The ambience was relaxed and cozy due to the casual warm setting of Tartines
  • The finger food was excellent, consisting of pate bread, various French cheese spread, fresh salad dips.
  • Interesting quality wines to go with. Fabulous!

Following are the reviews of the wines:
Les Creisses Languedoc 2003@35SGD (50% syrah,4-%grenache 10% cabernet sauvignon): Languedoc wines are typically rustic and probably tend to be a tad harsh. However, Les Creisses is beautifully harmonious with nice tone of chocolate on the nose. The tannins are rounded with seamless acid. Finish was moderate but i was impressed by the good integration of the fruits acid and tannin. Excellent buy

Les Creisses Languedoc “Les Brunes” 2000@60SGD (80% cabernet, 10%syrah, 10%mouvedre): The top cuvee from the domain. Good black fruits with some toasty/spicy notes. Dense with firm tannin. More acid in the mid palate and longer finish compared to the lower end Les Creisses.

Marigny Neuf Sauvignon blanc 2005@25SGD: Simple white with pretty pleasant pineapple. Some toasted rice note on top which is interesting. Pretty good value wine at this price point. Not too oily compared to New World Sauvignon Blanc. More elegance compared to some similar priced wine.
Ampelidae le S 2005@49SGD (Sauvignon Blanc): Made from 30-100 years old vines, the Ampelidae le S is a big step above the Marigny Neuf. With more intense tropical fruits and vanilin from oak handling. Pretty big in the mouth and moderate long finish. Good cellaring potential to reveal more tertiary aroma.
Chateau Martet Reserve de Familia 2005@69SGD (100% merlot): Similar to Petrus, with 100% merlot in it, Chateau Martet’s vineyards has been cultivated since the 13th century. Interesting nose of currants, black fruits with beautiful elegance. Very balanced, none of the elements overpowering each other. Silky tannins rounding off the moderate finish. Harmonious wine. Pleasure.

Roc De Cambes 2004@140SGD: This wine is owned by the same owner of Chateau Tertre Roteboeuf and ranked amoing the top 30 best wines in Bordeaux. Roasted caramel note with some cigar box. Silky mouthfeel and rounded tannins. Packed with black fruits punch. Interesting but too expensive.

Saint Geron Natural Sparkling Water@5SGD 75CL: With 100% natural carbonation , the Saint Geron touches your tongue gently without much stony mineral and cold metal note ala Perrier etc. It is amazingly elegant upon entry, flowing smoothly on top of your tongue and you could taste the purity of the water. The bubbles were very fine and did not interfere with your taste bud. Surprisingly smooth and pure. A different class compared to the other sparkling waters i had. Upon further research, St Geron is the only natural sparkling water officially recommended by the French ministry of Health. Pretty impressive…. Homemade French Brownies: This is the real bomb, practically sending everyone to orbit. I’m not a big dessert fan but the brownies here are simply amazing. Slightly crusty on the outside, you could taste pure moist chocolate once you sink your fangs into it. The sweetness of the brownies was sitting just nice without being obvious. Moist creamy texture that shows wonderful control of butter, temperature and flour. I have to bring Demona here!. A++++

Close up shot of the Orbiter!