Amazing Sunday birthday dinner@Yeast, Telawi Bangsar.


We are back again! An impromptu Sunday dinner gathering. Simply because.

The toast bread loaves as expected, were amazing. This could be my main meal and I’d still leave this place full and happy!

According to their website:
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Since the birthday girl, Princess G loves escargot, we let her indulge her way through! The creamy mushrooms and escargot were nicely tucked inside this coconut shaped bread with several pieces left outside surrounding the bread like guardians.

Thankfully, they were not too creamy which would sicken you after few scoops. Pretty savoury and nice to eat alongside the softened bread. Hats down to the baker of this restaurant. All the breads are UH-MAZING.

Now to its downsides. Not sure if it was intentional or not, the dish was not properly warmed or heated. Some parts of the mushrooms and escargot were cold while some were hot.


One of the girls was following a vegetarian diet, hence this lovely bowl of greens with freshly made croutons. The dressing was light, delicate and gave each leaf a fresh boost and feel!


This was one of the mains, grilled chicken with croutons and mashed potatoes with citrus sauce. According to her, the chicken was super tender and full of flavours. She finished the entire plate in a quick 5 minutes. This was the effect of over-hunger due to lack of lunch and now served with a delicious meal.


As I had a big plate of chicken rice not long ago, the garlic buttery deliciousness was still dormant in my tummy taking its own sweet time to digest itself away,  I opted for something lighter yet have meat in them.

The smoked duck salad, to me is worth every single penny. The smoked duck chopped bits were plentiful and the yolks from the poached eggs glistened and coated the vegs. Coupled with freshly made croutons. Yummylicious! A definite re-order dish on my next meal here.

Looks like tonight’s theme was crouton! Crouton on salad, crouton on chicken, and now crouton on another salad!


Yeast serves one of the best creme brulee I had ever eaten in my life. I said the exact same thing on my previous Yeast experience post and I am re-iterating now again that it is one hella-awesome creme brulee. Baked with original vanilla pods seeds and really smooth in the mouth. Darns.


After hearing all the foodie escapades on Yeast from miss Neets and Joysie, especially on their widely famed chocolate souffle, I decided to have this for dessert this time around.
The chocolate base used is of good quality, and the softened mousse-like texture inside made it easy to consume and before you know it, you dug in more than half your way through. Then the calorie guilt kicked in.
The strawberry sorbet, was very delicious also! It was primarily consumed to cleanse off your palate to fully enjoy the desserts served but heck, I was eating them all like a happy sugar high smiley young girl.

I am now already planning to celebrate over brunch or dinner at Yeast to commemorate future special occasions. Worthy place for a meal with an expectation that of a fine dining restaurant but under a relaxed manner….and most important part of all, the amazing food especially the bread!

We observed that the food and service provided here were always better only when the french owner guy is around. When he is not, then their service is less favourable.

No boss, no good? Hmmmmm….

24G, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6
03-2282 0118
Opening hours:
Closed on Mondays.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday : 8am — 10pm
Friday & Saturday : 8am — 10:30pm

FB Page:


Awesome breakfast!@Tiong Bahru Bakery, Raffles City Singapore


After arriving at the hotel at 9 am, we hurried to work without any meals and settled all the issues before calling break time for our first meal for the day at 11.30 am.

TBB brunch was the perfect meal to get the mood and gear going for another tiring week of work ahead.

I had been bringing my friends here whenever any opportunity arises. This time, missey J was with me and I dragged her to have a buttery and fluffy bite with me at TBB.

We ordered the usual croissant (writing about this makes me want to have it now! sigh), the kouige amman and tried something new too! The ham and cheese rolls.


The ham slices were rather thick and it was quite peppery too! The savoury taste helped to negate off the sugary butter taste from the other two pastries. Rather enjoyable indeed!

Especially with coffee. Sadly the long black served this time was absolutely below average, and that did ruin the perfect combustible moment of fusing the two flavours together.

Not only was the coffee lukewarm, it was so thin like the beans used were too few or not fresh.

Since I started drinking coffee made from freshly self-handgrinded coffee beans, my palate could not bear lousy made coffee anymore.

The feeling is much like drinking good wine and sipping those horrible heavily chemically sedated kinda wines.


Despite the pricey tag after conversion, (which would be about RM7-8 per croissant), I continue to pamper myself by buying 3 croissants as take-away to carry this cherished memory of myself enjoying every bit of the croissant back to Malaysia.

Just like this aluminium foil wrapped croissant, I heated it up nicely so I could eat along my way to church on Sunday.

Missing TBB already. When will I get another chance of biting you?