Final day brunch@ 나무사이로, Namusairo & Bread B, Seoul

Cialis super active spedizione veloce With the short few hours left before departing to the airport, we hopped on the MRT and headed to have a quick brunch at 나무사이로, Namusairo. The previous time I was here was spring time and it was rather cold, so I sat outside with Mr Rush. As it is summer now, indoors it is! image

I really adored the authentic, old skool, wooden house feel, making drinking the cuppa ambience really awesome.


A cold and cold cuppa to have a yin and yang feel. Ethiopian beans hand dripped. Yums! I preferred the iced coffee, full of fragrance and body. Perhaps the hot weather too played a role towards my liking for the iced cuppa.

This was my write up when I was here at spring two years back.



We passed by Bread B Bakery, which is located just opposite Namusairo, and bought a few breads to brunch on with our cuppas.

This sandwich, as described on the board as juicy fresh club sandwich, was literally described as those written words. They were one of the most juiciest sandwiches I had ever eaten. Not to mention how fresh the vegs were.  Wanna scream Ooooh lala!


Bread B is known for its premium sliced cakes, and we bought a slice and put it to the test. The raspberry ganache chocolate cake was….absolutely divine. Cost us RM20 over this slice. Perfect to eat with the hot cuppa Ethiopian bean hand dripped coffee.

It was just plain awesome having amazing coffee at Namusairo with great bakes from Bread B. Can’t wait to come back here soon!


Namusairo 나무사이로, Seoul
21, Sajik-ro, 8-gil, Jongno-Gu,
Seoul, 110-053
Opening hours: 10 am – 1o pm daily
ebsite :
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Bread B Bakery,
마포구 상암동 1601 KGIT센터

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Day 2 spiritual and foodie blessings!@Yeoju summer retreat


Despite it being a hot summer in Korea in August, us Malaysians who grow up with the tropical weather quickly grew accustomed to the humidity and heat. After dawn service, I slipped on a T-shirt and my Sketchers and sprinted up to the prayer mountain. I surprised myself by climbing up in less than 10 minutes, as opposed to my previous years taking at least a good 20 minute hike up. Practice makes perfect!

As I was walking up, I caught a glimpse of Rev Abraham Park’s resting place in Huisun Garden, through the shades of greens from the dense forest. The cool breeze blew over my face and hair as I gazed through the leaves. Another snippet of heaven. 🙂


Made it to the top! With the prayer mat laid nicely on the edge of the cliff, I kneeled down and looked up to the vast sky overlooking the mountains. Perhaps this was how Moses felt as he went up Mt Sinai. And imagine, communicating directly with Father Himself. No one could ask for more.

I quickly settled in and opened up my heart to pray. The soft mutters and tiny sniffles from other church members praying nearby, would tear down any hardened hearts. As more and more congregation members gathered to pray, the sound of prayers gradually grew louder.

As I closed my eyes and tilted up my face towards the skies, I imagined the sound of millions, or even billions of saints praying, would escalated thousands of decibles. Gosh, perhaps that sound would resemble the flapping wings of cherubims and angels.


The after- feeling of delivering my prayer at the prayer mountain was always uplifting and encouraged. With a sense of completeness and calmness, I strolled down and headed back to the dorm to wash up.

The walk up and down sure worked up an appetite alright! I made it in time for breakfast and hurrah, bulgogi and sollongtang! Delicious food to consume along without guilt! Since I had some form of “exercise” for my body on top of a spiritual exercise hehe. Alright, let’s head to the next lecture!