Final dinner meal@BBQ shop outside Pyung Kang Cheil Church 평 강 제 일 교 회, Oryu-Dong, Seoul

best price viagra professional from canada image As it was our final meal for the trip, what more than to end our foodieventure with Korea’s specialty….BBQ! Recommended by our elder, this shop is known within the community here for their delicious BBQ meat. Located just down the road once you turn left upon exiting Pyung Kang Cheil Church 평 강 제 일 교 회.

source The walk would take about 300 – 500 metres and it is located on the left side of the road image When we walked in, we were greeted by two main items. One of it were bottles, and bottles, and bottles of ginseng. Bottles of all different sizes and ginseng of different sizes, colour and age. I had never been surrounded by this many ginsengs in one place, ever. Can’t imagine how much cumulative cost and wealth these ginseng brought to the owners.

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The other item: fresh meat! Beef, pork, chicken of various cuts and types. Oooh lala!


The sides were quite good, especially the kimchi! Although the yellow sauce given was meant as a dipping sauce for the grilled meat but we used it to marinate these raw sliced onions before grilling them on the hot plate. Aiseh, we are cultured to enjoy our onions cooked with a western style. In fact, they tasted really yummy after they had softened and caramelized with bits of burnt edges on the charcoal grill.


Three-layered pork was the BBQ menu for the night. So fatty! Not to mention this was only 1 portion, intended for 4 pax. We had another exact same quantity portion for the other 4 next to us. Unfortunately, 2 did not show up and we ended up with only 6 pax consuming these BBQ pork bellies. I was a little worried that we were unable to finish them. That was a whole lotta pork bellies!


Let the grilling begins! By the 5th and 6th row of the pork belly, we were feeling a bit guilty looking at the amount of fat we consumed. But the fresh pork was properly grilled and marinated, and it tasted so good when you got it freshly grilled out of the hot plate itself.


The most amazing fact which happened was that there were only 6 of us and our initial worry was that we were unable to finish but somehow rather, we ate all pork on both sides of the table !

Each person paid about KRW 20000, MYR 60 – 80. For such quantity, we would end up paying RM100 above.

We left the place happy high from pork, and also felt guilty too looking at our tummies and imagining all the 3 layers swimming their way through and depositing there. Worthy place to indulge in if you are around this area or planning to have dinner after church service!


Beer food after a Glorious Golden Day

The sun shone as brightly on these yellow fellow Malaysians, gathered for a united purpose. Duduk Bantah! Clean Election! Chinatown stall owners were gleaming with pride: both as Malaysians and the overwhelming business, especially mata kuching drink sellers. Hey, even foreign Pakistani / Bangladeshi workers joined in the parade, selling mineral water bottles to make a quick profit.

I really respect em’ guys, putting in all their time and efforts, making these banners. Mind you, the age group ranges from teenagers to old uncles and aunties. What a great day indeed!

Ain’t no crappy mainstream newspaper gonna quote this as “few thousand people only -LAH”. I was one of them in that crowd. Having to body-to-body my way from Burger King to Masjid Jamek LRT station, I’m pretty confident that the crowd comprised of a few thousand people X many thousands more.

Some posters are humorously creative! Even Angry Birds came to support this cause. It really felt like a yellow themed carnival. People were mingling around, regardless of race. Balloons and flags everywhere. People singing, chanting, cheering. I also caught glimpses of a Shrek chic, Scream guy, Masquerade girls, and a yellow power ranger. Hahaha. The scene was definitely different from Bersih 2.0.

Little did I know, when I left Masjid Jamek, soon after tear gases were fired right at where I was minutes ago. On the train, we passed by the Liberation Square and fiery red tanks and black suited armed men were lined up like soldiers gearing up for battle.

Until today I just could not understand, why the gathering was not allowed in Dataran Merdeka, yet 100,000 (apparently) UMNO members in RED gathered in the Stadium Bkt Jalil. Is this the smelly stench of …. fear?

Mainstream media in the next couple of days definitely got me to roll my eyes out of irritation. Youtube probably painted a more holistic pictures of what happened on 0428.

Whatever happens, let us carry out our duty as Malaysians fight for a clean election!

All hard work comes sweet with a icey cool pint of Konig. After a real sweaty hot day, AHHHHH!

Beer food platter to commemorate the Yellow. The bacon strips with tomatos were delicious! Oh yea, the lamb meatballs too. The colour of the sauce may put you off a bit, but the taste was goooood. RM 50

Chicken wings RM 20. Um, so so chicken wings. 3 sets of chicken wings. Quite steep for such a portion. Taste wise, nothing great. Anyway, it never goes wrong with beer + chicken wings.

Next stop, Bersih 4.0? Election? Shytty news on the paper?

Let’s continue on reading the updates on FB and Youtube.