7 dollars all worth the might@McDonalds Aussie

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source In the land know for good quality beef, it is not surprising that even its fastfood chains have better quality food than what we get in Malaysia.

informazioni levitra generico 20 mg McDs in the land down under also has a premium version of burgers called the Mighty Angus. By looking at the menu itself stirs up a growling storm in the tummy!

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viagra generico 100 mg prezzo piu basso a Genova A burger of this size and quality, cost only AUD 7. I was dumbfounded. For MYR 7, you can’t even get the patty let alone an entire burger like this. MYR7, you can’t even buy a set meal in McDs. Booooooo…

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watch The beef patty was really yummy! Juicy and well flavoured! Coupled with ham. I still couldn’t believe the land down unders get to have such a great meal with only 7 bucks. 7 heaven!


Two years had passed……@Red Bean Bag Cafe, Publika Solaris Dutamas


It had been two years since I last came here for breakfast and coffee…how quickly time had passed. Although I live nearby, I somehow had forgotten about this place as my first experience here was average.

Much has changed too when I reached here. The place was packed to the brim and I had to wait for 20 minutes for a table. I was excited to try out their food and coffee and hope that my second experience here will change my mind for the better.


Facing the baristas and the coffee brewing machines, I witnessed my ice long black in making. A freshly brewed cuppa espresso poured straight into a cup of ice cold water.

RBB is proud to share to everyone that their beans are roasted by grand central coffee roasters, a premium small batch of coffee roaster in Perth. The coffee I am drinking now is from the 2013 crop.

The cuppa was goooooooddddddd. The aroma was pungent, from freshly ground beans and brew. Having to hand grind my coffee beans now, my sense of taste and smell towards coffee heightened.

Another good point about this is that the hot and the ice long black are both priced at RM7++. No increase in price for the iced! That should be the way for all cafes! It annoys me how most places charge you extra for ice and water which cost is almost negligible.



This is one of RBB’s signature dish “Signature Baked Eggs”, eggs baked in this ceramic bowl with chopped sausages* potatoes and cheese, served with sliced bread. The dish reminds me a lot of lasagna with a twist due to the eggy flavour and texture. Enough to share for 2 in my opinion as it gets quite filling after a while due to the potatoes and cheese. RM 18++.



This was also another signature from RBB, The Atlantic. Poached eggs stacked on top of grilled bread, mushrooms and 1 slice of smoked salmon. Once the eggs were cut open, the golden yolk-iliciousness just flowed out like a golden stream. I liked this a lot as they tasted really good. Hearty and healthy. RM22++.


Those who know me will know that I am famous for being clumsy and careless especially when I am eating. While reading the Tatler Bites mag, the mag foolishly slipped my fingers (not even sure how that could possibly happen, but it did) and it knocked off my half-filled glass of long black. HURRAH! for embarrassment.

What surprised me further was the attentiveness of the staffs, how quickly they dashed in to wipe off the spill and I was also offered a new glass on the house. Honestly I did not expect that and until I arrived at this page on the magazine, only did I realise that the one who served me a new glass was one of the owners.

As what was written on the article, RBB does make good coffee and with such courteous service and attentiveness towards the needs of their patrons, I believe it is a place people can come everyday.

Am glad that my second visit here has changed my mind 360 over. Checked for good food, coffee and service. I will be back!


Opening hours in the picture. Located at the same floor and row as Nathalie Gourmet.

facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/theredbeanbag
Instagram page : #theredbeanbag