Sunday brunch after Sunday service@Plan B, Publika, Solaris Dutamas  After a great sermon from Sr Pastor, receiving much spiritual blessings, time to receive physical blessings too.. to me tummy of course! Pit stopped at Plan B for lunch. Plan B’s big breakfast proved to be quite a worthy meal. I’m served with a cuppa orange juice and coffee. The coffee was a little too sour and rough for my liking. When the breakfast set first arrived, I thought, “Hmm… not so BIG a breakfast after all.” Little did I know, I struggled to finish it. I believed it could be due to the potatoes and also almost every item was fried. I liked the ham and sausages. Super meaty! The mushrooms and baby tomatoes were generously served too. Hidden under the eggs was a slice of overly oiled up toasted bread.

follow url If I was really hungry (maybe after a workout at the gym) I might have enjoyed this meal even more. Quite a worthy try for RM 24 meal. Not a cheap brunch where people like me can eat everyday, but Ben’s chefs are kind enough to serve at least averagely sizable portions.

follow link Antipodean’s version is quite huge also. I struggled to finish too, but the variety of dishes served were less than Plan B’s, and it does not come with coffee and juice also.

levitra senza ricetta Abruzzo I have yet to find the ultimate Big Breakfast in KL. Any recommendations?

Botak Jones@Clementi A, S and us had a wonderful dinner at the famed Botak Jones branch in Clementi. We have long heard of this jumbo sized, good value for money Western food stall but have never found time to pay them a visit. It was really an eye opener seeing a fully packed Kopitiam@ 8.30pm with most table ordering from this particular stall.

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Stuffed Jalapenos: The guys are really generous with their sauces. We had a variety of malt vinegar, home made tartar sauce, Plouchman’s mustard, HP steak sauce besides the usual chilli and ketchup.The stuffed jalapeño is really awesome. Crunchy breaded outer skin covered the hot jalapeños while creamy mozzarella cheese stuffed the inner part. Dipped with the homemade tartar sauce.. it is simply heavenly. Two thumbs up!

source Fish and Chips@6.50sgd: Big portion of fish and chips. No smelly fishy smell here and it was a beauty to munch on these with malt vinegar and the homemade tartar sauce. I don’t think it is out of this world but it is definitely a heart warming fish and chips that did not hurt our wallet!

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Double Botak Burger: Doubled the patties, doubled the fatties, and double the shiokness! The patties were medium rare and it was tender and juicy. No complains here but it could be further improved if they could grilled the cheese before serving it. The cheese was a tad chilled when served to us. The coleslaw was so good that we all took them all in! It wasn’t excessively loaded with vinegar as found in many other hawker stalls. BURP!!

Cajun Chicken: Tender grilled chicken topped with melted grilled cheese and Cajun spices. The chicken was well grilled and lock in heaps of nice sweet grill flavour. Good!
Aftermath: All cleaned up.

Damage: 33.50SGD for 4 of us. 3 main dish and 1 appetizer. The portion are huge and it is good food with unbeatable value. It was definitely a fantastic experience here today. I will be back!