Out of Africa Restaurant & Kudu Bar

enter Demona brought me to this restaurant near Amcorp Mall right after i reached KL.
Situated inside a badly maintained club house, I am not too sure what to expect for the food. The swimming pool looks greenish dead, with ah beng’s and ah lian loitering around and some drunkard heading up to Waikiki’s Bar…

go to site However, the mood changes once you stepped into the restaurant. A nice dimly lit ambiance decorated with indigenous artwork coupled with a real deal South African chef/owner helming the kitchen.. things look promising!
Calamari@15RM: The calamari was very succulent and extra juicy. Thick fat squid rings fried in a nice bread crumby batter. The taste was superb but you have to shout out loud for injustice here. At 15RM per plate, is has less than 7 squid rings and many of them are of baby squid rings size ( mainly of 20cents size and 1 or 2 50cents size). Good taste, stingy cut, pathetic portion.

click here Grilled Beef Burger@24RM: Both of us shared a grilled beef burger cooked to medium rare. MMMmmmm, the portion is huge with generous servings of beef patties and fries. The caramelized onions were nicely sweetened and charred to perfection. Demona wiped it all clean and craved for more. A little let down for this burger, which most burger joints in KL suffered as well, is the bun. It wasn’t well toasted, and the bun tasted fluffy and is lacking serious crunch in it. However, for this price in KL, this is good value. Good taste and generous portion (enough for 2 to share). This is worth trying.
Medium Rare Grilled Beef Patties: AHWOOOO… The hungry wolf in Demona started HOWLING upon seeing this!

miglior sito per comprare viagra generico 200 mg a Roma Garlic bread@8RM: OK, we have split opinions here. Demona likes the softness of the garlic bread and i hate this limpy garlic bread. It seems like the deep fried the bread, and smattered some garlic butter on top. I would have prefer them to toast it well with some freshly diced garlic on top. The only common ground is both of us find this overpriced and over oily.

Total Damage: 54.05rm for 2 of us. The burger more than make up for the dissapointment in the garlic bread/calamari. I would come here agian to try out their more true blue african dishes. Probably the venison pot would be worth a try on my next visit!

dove comprare viagra generico 100 mg pagamento online a Bologna You know, sometimes it is sad to eat out in nice western/international restaurant in malaysia.
The imported ingredients itself are priced exorbitantly high in the grocery store ( cue: Parma ham, parmiggano, olive oil, lamb, beef, spices etc are all priced out of local’s reach) and sometimes costing even more than in Singapore.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=levitra-generico-Genova A pack of Ruffles Chips cost 3.25SGD in Singapore but it is 7 plus RM in KL. A liter of olive oil is 12sgd but 29rm in KL…

dove comprare levitra originale 20 mg in italia It even more pathetic to see that Malaysia being a tropical country with hug swath of land has to beg for rice allocation from Thailand during the latest rice supply crisis. You really have to wonder what have BERNAS been doing for 2 decades? for more information on the atrocious status of Bernas, do take a read here

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=vardenafil-economico I do look forward the day when imported food tax could be waived and excessive wastage in government administration/projects could be reduced drastically so that we all Malaysia could have a chance to try and enjoy quality food and sensible price.

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