The BEST Pain Au Chocolat&Croissants I ever tasted in my life@Paul&Paulina, 폴앤폴리나, 홍대, Hongdae, Seoul

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source link We came out from Hong Gik station into this funky artsy fartsy mall with gorgeous brightly coloured tiny umbrellas hung up in the sky. They were having an art bazaar that day and all kinds and sorts of paintings, crafts and sketches were displayed in various stalls. The weather was awesome that day. Cold breezy and cloudy.

go We walked blindly that day and jst people watch and shop watch as wherever we passed by. Just to get the feel of local Korean youth and young adults culture. image

qual o melhor indux clomid ou serophene drug By chance we walked up the slope from the Women’s University and whoah-lah! We found Paul & Paulina! It was voted by CNN Travel as one of the 7 best bakeries in Korea.

The pungent whiff of buttery aroma filled the surrounding air. I was getting super excited already! Let’s see if it is better than Tiong Bahru’s!

The queue was long. Thankfully, the weather was kind to us! And that was not all…

The bakers walked out with a plate full of sliced Pain Au Chocolat to serve us who were queueing up. Are you serious???? For…FREEEEEEEE?


This marketing tactic totally worked! While queuing up and getting a hold of this, was perfection. By far…THE BEST Pain Au Chocolat I had ever tasted in my life. Literally. Literally. Literally.

The pastry layers were so light, fluffy, flaky and the thicker pastry layers in the middle were so soft! And the chunky chocolate pastels were bittersweet, and of good quality. As if they used Godiva’s!


This is Pain Au Chocolat I had in Butter+Beans, Seksyen 17 after I got back from Korea. And word. Lousy. I can’t get my mind off Paul&Paulina’s. SIGH.


The baking area of Paul&Paulina was really simple. What you see is where they work their magic. Their menu is simple as well. Only about 15 types of bakes.

This is really the key to a succesful bakery. You needn’t have many varieties but you score a few top notch ones being better than the rest in the market, you won the battle already.


The bakers fed us another round of free Pain Au Chocolat. If the queue was longer, I might have possibly ate a whole Pain Au Chocolat haha. I love how generous they are in making their customers happy! Whee! Each PAC was about KRW 3700/ RM 10-15. Worth every single dollar.

I paid the similar amount of money for PAC in Butter+Beans and it was nothing compared to this.


We bought croissants as well!

Pepsi test again against the champion contender: Tiong Bahru bakery.



They were freshly baked and packed for us. Once I took a bite…SPEECHLESS. All I can say is. Looks like Paul&Paulina had snatched the trophy from Tiong Bahru. So so so so perfect. Each was about KRW 2500/ RM 7-10.

The BEST croissants I ever had in my life. Period.

I found my two top pastries in Korea. It is worth every trouble and effort to make your way here to get hold of the breads and pastries here.


Address: Paul & Paulina (폴앤폴리나)
마포구 서교동 344-6 (344-6 Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea)
Via MRT: Hongik University Station, Subway Line 2, Exit 9.
It is up the steep slope from the Women’s University. Probably takes about 5 minutes from the foot of the slope
Opening hours:
Mondays -Saturdays : 12 p.m -7 p.m.
Closed on Sundays