Kueh teow soup Kuching style@Spring Delight Café, Kuching

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We came to Sping Delight cafe in the early morning and the place was half packed already. The locals here love their breakfast early (quoting back the Choong Choon incident where by 10.30 am all food was gone).

This kopitiam is also another kopitiam which only locals know how to get here, and not many tourists come here for a foodieventure.

Their specialty is kueh teow soup, porky style.


This bowl of porkylicious, steaming hot bowl of kueh teow soup was so pungent with porky aroma, full of lard pieces. Yet, somehow it did not taste like pork noodles we get in the Peninsula. There was still this element of brothy soupy feel which resembled kueh teow soup. I can’t fully explain why.

The soup was amazing! But the only downside was the kueh teows. They were a little too hard and thick for my liking. The locals love them this way though. Maybe I am accustomed to the thinly sliced smoothylicious kueh teow we have in Peninsula.


The fried chicken slices are also another popular item from Spring Delight. The chicken chunks were just, alright. Maybe because I already had the super delicious one at Peach Garden the night before.

Overall rating for this place, was that it did offered me a unique feel and taste of Kuching style kueh teow soup but the wow factor lacked a little for me. I was told that many doctors come here for meals with their families during the weekends.

Spring Delight Café
Cafe & Bistro
Lots 4202 & 4211,
Jalan Stutong, Kuching,
93350, Kuching.
Tel no: 082-619 616
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Once bitten, twice shy buggy experience@Post Cranberry Almond Cereal Crunch


I had to blog about this. I am a big fan of Post cereal, especially cranberry almond crunch as the two items are my top favourites in cereals. Each box cost about RM 14.90, slight plus minus from different stores.

I had been eating the cranberry almond crunch for a good one year already and had grown to love it….until several weeks back, when I purchased a box from Mercato and was happily eating it with milk in my room, not knowing I had swallowed in the extra protein!

Tiny bug-like insects started to surface up (I guess they drowned from the milk), and I was petrified. Utterly petrified. Borderline regurgitating everything back out. When I checked back the half box leftovers, I saw them in the cereal.

I called up Mercato and went back to get a refund. The staff was apologetic and gave me back my money. Before I left, I told him to really check back every single box that was displayed as I believed they were from the same batch and may likely be infested with bugs as well.

I am not sure how serious did the grocer take this matter but I played my part in filing a complaint.

I stopped buying for a while as the image of the floating bugs in my bowl still haunted me.

Until today…

After working out at the gym, I headed to Village Grocer to buy some food. I walked past the cereal section and saw that the Post Cereals were in promotion, and I’d thought it was time I regain my trust in the cereal.


As said before, I went to the gym earlier. And I was HUNGRY. And when one is hungry, the 5 senses are somehow enhanced.

When I took the pack out, I saw thess grey-like dusty looking stuffs stucked to the plastic. At first, I dismissed it as dirt, but when I zoomed in….*horror*. They looked like cocoons or shedded skin of bugs to me.

The first thing that came to my mind was ,” you gotta be kidding me”. Again????


I opened up the pack, to see if I would get another dejavu. And as coincidental as it was, I was again greeted by these creeping friends. Boy, the anger fumes started (plus I was hungry and really looking forward to eat).

To add the trouble further, I had to drive myself back to the grocer. And when I complained to the manager, I had no forms to fill unlike Mercato, so everything was verbal.

I reiterated several times for the grocer to bring this matter up urgently to the distributor as I had already experienced this once at a different time and location. I was told too, that two individuals came to file a complaint on the cranberry cereal yesterday too. In my heart, I was thinking, “2 individuals filed a complaint the day before and yet they are still sold on the shelves today? Wh——at…?”

Still unsatisfied with how these matters were handled so lightly, I came home and tried to check online to find out which vendor is distributing the brand in Malaysia but could not find any information.

Instead, I forwarded this complaint on the official Postcereal website in America. I’ll see what responses and replies I will(or will not?) get from here forth.

Here’s the link for a short video:

Can you spot them? Haha. These are just the frontliner squads. Many more are hidden much further in the pack.