Random soybean venture@Taipei city nights


safe online pharmacy to buy clomid Cold cold cold night. And every yakitori bars were full. We decided to randomly walk around the alleys until we found a coffee shop that enticed us to stop for a quick dinner bite.

We found one at random which seemed pretty localized.

The fresh fragrant aroma of soy milk filled the air as we walked in. The food was likely going to be great !

Finally got hold of my savoury taufoofar, only found in Taipei! Yumzers especially dipped with fried yaocharkuey. Ahhh..those tiny little prawns cooked together with the taufoofar made it super delicious! Wasn’t the best I had but it’ll do to satiate the craving.

The fried radish cake was a little of a let down. Looked good when served. But terribly lacking in flavour. We could not finish them, waste of calories.

The amazing thing about Taipei is that the xiaolongpaos tasted so good yet so affordable! And even the simple shops like random ones taste pretty good. For a pretty decent price! Only about RM8 for the entire tray.

We are conscious to not overeat so we can indulge more at supper. Hopefully yakitori? Hehe.

Alright. Next foodieventure stop!

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