Grilled Meat Galore@HuTong, Da’an district, Taipei City


cheap generic mega accutane isotretinoin We came back to the yakiniku bar we couldn’t dine in few days ago. Most restaurants in Taipei require advanced booking and walk-ins are difficult. Now that we finally got a spot here, we were geared to go all out..grilled meat galore!

follow This place is one of the top yakitori bars in Da’an area. Housing only 30-40 persons, no wonder reservations are required. You can’t just grill their food slowly and have drinks at their own pace till the place closes, there is a designated time, and once it passes, you have wrap up your meal and let the next patron take over. Seeing how nicely charred the charcoal chunks were, as they were placed before us, I was getting really excited for what’s coming up ahead!

when to use lasix The night was wet and cold, unpleasant indeed. The heat from the charcoal and beer warming up the body was a needed comfort.

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click We were given this lemon zesty dipping sauce mixed with finely chopped spring onions. They were fantastic to pair along with the grilled meat.

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follow link Interesting way of serving grilled ox tongue meat. More spring onions! Needless to say, we whalloped in an instant. Teeheehee. Acquired liking though.

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The grilled pork loin slices were fantastic as well, especially with the spicy chilli sauce. The thing about these kinda dining, may not be the cuppa tea for those who like to eat fast or on-the-go.

Until this moment, this boneless grilled chicken wings came zooming up to the top pot in my list. Crazy tender and nicely marinated. The portion was just too small and it did take quite a while to grill them properly.

They served it with this unique veg. Looked like radish but it ain’t. Its texture was like hashbrown and a little gooey like nato. Somehow, it turned out yummylicious under the grill.

Next up: the remaining top half of the boneless chicken wings and…woohoo, the beef menu had arrived! Gotta say, the beef now topped the list over the chicken wings. Juicy, tender and it went so well with our beer. Though I felt, the Seoul experience of grilled beef was still better.

Our next dish was grilled marbled beef slices. Can’t go wrong with grilled beef …yumzers! but the chunks were better than this one.

Next up: pork belly! Ok. It was strange. Even I myself was surprised with my selection. The pork belly was by far my favourite for the night. Topping over beef! Perfectly marinated and sufficiently sliced thickness perfect for grilling.

Then the grilled choices took a turn toward the wierd section. These grilled cartilage thingies were coated with garlic and then grilled till then were softened. The taste and texture after chewing was a little too odd for my liking.

Let me just stick back to the grilled beef in the middle.

We ordered more of those hashbrown veges and our final meat dish for the day..grilled squid ink sausages. You couldn’t see them at a glance, but these black goodies were surrounding our hashbrown veg slices! They tasted like bakkua to be honest, round instead to the typical square chunks. Not quite sure how the squid ink flavour was captured or may be it was more for colouring purposes. Not too bad!

Typically, we usually expect ice cream or mochi as desserts, however we were served steaming hot mashed sweet potato mixed with oozing mozzarella.

I think this would be a great comfort food on a lonely rainy day when one is feeling a little down under. Not quite fitting for our ending in my opinion. But I gather, this is a famous dessert in Taipei and I see the locals fully enjoying every scoop of it! One scoop was enough for me.

Though it is a Japanese yakiniku bar, somehow I still sensed the local Taipei aura in the way the food was prepared. Which is great! Own identity. A goal that every dining place wants.



No. 17, Lane 161, Section 1,

Dunhua South Road,

Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

Opening hours: 6.00 pm – 12.30 am (daily)


+886 2 2776 1575 (strongly advice to call behorehad to make reservations)

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