Taipei foodieventure begins@KLIA airport The airport was crazy packed with people: both locals and tourists, due to the CNY break. The queue for Malaysians to cross over the auto gate took me nearly 30 minutes to pass through.

follow I loaded up on last bite Malaysian food before heading to food haven, Taipei city…a delicious bowl of Sarawak laksa, tambah ayam rendang! And the Sarawak laksa wasn’t enough, topped it up with the last ride of Nasi Lemak before landing into Taipei. Quality of course…was a let down, but hey, it’s airplane food after all.

click here After 4.5 hours on the plane, and another 1.5 hours bus ride and walking around ..I have finally arrived at the hotel! The weather wasn’t really that good, with drizzles and intermittent showers in the cold 16degree temperature. Worst part of all..I underestimated the weather and only brought cotton long sleeves which could not withstand the strong cold wind. I have the view of the city and Taipei 101 from my hotel room, located on the 14th floor!

Although I had a bowl of laksa and a plate of nasi lemak, my tummy was all geared up to binge and it rumbled and growled all the way into the city.

First up..take-outs! Packed a box of delicious dumplings at some random stalls and as usual..they never disappoint.

Just like my first trip to this food haven city, everything I ate, even randomly at times, were delicious! This time, my first foodieventure attempt, was also great!

Now…let’s see what is next in line!

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