Rekindling awesome sandwich experience@Cafe Mamas 까페 마마스 시청점 , City Hall, Seoul

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The great thing about living in town was that many nice eateries are located nearby, including Cafe Mamas

까페 마마스 시청점!

It was awesome to be back here. Jazzy, cozy, Christmas songs playing in the background. Crazy cold weather outside, but warm and snuggly inside. This quaint cafe always gives me the feel of comfort and ease.

A nice awesome brunch to start the day. Creamy cheesy ham ciabatta! The oozing cheese was no joke. Heavy duty mozarella and cheddar. Crazy yumzers! Loud sounds of crunches as you sink in your teeth for each bite. Cafe Mamas really does make awesome sandwiches! Though we can do something similar at home if we have the right ingredients…now that is the hard part!

Loading in antioxidants, freshly blended strawberry smoothies, thickened to perfection! They really do not stinge on the ingredients for their servings in Cafe Mamas. I could have one cuppa everyday!

Alright, I am all energnized now for a long, long walk out in the chilling cold winter!

Total damage: 26K Korean Won, nearly RM100! Urks.


Cafe Mamas

까페 마마스 시청점

19, Mugyo-dong,

Jung-gu, Seoul 100-180,

South Korea

(우) 100-180중구 무교동 19


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