First up! Coffee & Croissants!@Namusairo & PaulNPaulina Foodie day filled with tranquility@Paul & Paulina and Namusairo 폴앤폴리나, 나무사이로 Seoul

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Seoul’s airport bus rides are one of the most comfortable penny worthy rides ever to head into town. Comfy, spacious, clean..and super punctual! First up to accompany me throughiut my bus favourite strawberry milk! Yummiest thing ever!

This trip, we are putting up at New Kukje Hotel, in GwangHwaMun area. This place is usually surrounded by policemen and there are always protests happening everytime I come here.

I have underestimated the winter in Seoul this time. Freezing until every hair felt like falling off! It was not easy taking long strolls when the cold wind blows through your skin.

But for Paul N Paulina. Worth getting frostbites! I love the smell of the buttery aroma everytime I walk in. Hurrah! A fresh batch of croissants just came out of the oven!

The usual routine. Tapao croissants. Eat and sip through a cuppa at Namusairo, locates just minutes away walking distance. I love how big the coffee culture in Korea is. The view in Namusairo was always captivating. Wooden old house in the midst of the city. LOVE IT! Sips of coffee mixing with buttery crunchy layers of pastry. Perfect first meal to start the foodieventure holiday in Seoul!

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