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It felt really, really good to back in the church ground. The hymn of “Coming home, coming home, never more to roam” was playing in my head throughout the entire train ride over to PyungKang Cheil church 평강제일교회.

We had a blessed bible study at Jerusalem sanctuary, delivered by the bubbly and wise Evg Joanna. This study was in conjunction with the launching of Senior Pastor’s 10th Book of the History of Redemption series: 10th Bestowals and the 10 commandments of Abraham.

The inexpressible feeling of calmness and peace. Amen.

We had a fellowship lunch together with congeregation family from various parts of the world at this buffet restaurant in Muk Dong. The place was crazy packed and I gotta say the choice of food servings were quite posh looking as well.

One thing which stood out was that the restaurant had its own facial mask and they gave each customer one mask. I was trying to understand if the restaurant wants us to nurture our faces after a meal there ..or…?

The sashimis were quite fresh and clearly the hot items on the menu as they were quickly wiped clean minutes after each new tray was placed. Cray! That shows how many patrons there were at the restaurant.

Even the grilled prawns and beef too! Long queue to get hold of the prawns. Mine were grilles quite nicely and the prawns were fresh and juicy! But i also heard negative comments from some friends saying that the prawns were already cold.

Perhaps the huge crowd and the longer cooking time forced them to prepare much more beforehand and knowing it was winter time, the food turned cold really fast.

All in all, quite a decent buffet place that serves a wide variety of food. But on my own trip, I’d likely won’t go for a buffet meal in Seoul. Need to conserve calories for the local food!

Alright, after Muk Dong, heading off to Myeong Dong!


D’Maris (드마리스)

961-1, Mok-dong,

Yangcheon-gu, Seoul

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