Tuna sashimi celebratory meal for Berit Grads from TLCC@D Cube City Mall, Sindorim, Seoul

There were 3 of us Berit grads, along with a few more TLCC family members came to our regular tuna sashimi buffet restaurant located at the 5th floor of D Cube City Mall at Sindorim. We invited a few friends from the main church in Seoul to join in the meal as an expression of thanks for their help and care for us throughout our Berit course and time in Seoul.

This huge plate of tuna sashimis cut from various parts of the fish’s body…yes we had like 4 – 5 refills of this. It was madness! Not to mention superbly delicious as well when wrapped with dried seasoned seaweed slices!

This was…AMAZING. Tuna roe roll, with like..a whole load of roe that pieces would fall out from our mouth. Deliciouso!

My graduation congratulatory bouquet! I hardly get flowers..I could count like only 3 perhaps in my entire life including this one. They smell amazing! Especially the beautifully blossomed roses.

Never would I have thought this would ever happen. All glory and thanks to Father God in heaven. I confess there is so much I don’t know of the bible and the providence of God hidden within till today.

And I have not successfully shared the Word.. I am unworthy but yet Father loves me and all of us with His kindness and patience, I hope I will remain humble and obeident to His will and calling.

Congratulations again to all the graduates!

Hallelujah, all glory and honour to God!

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