Pyungkang Day blessed breakfast!@PyungKang Cheil Church, Seoul 평강제일교회

It’s PyungKang Day! The Lord’s Covenant Church family were invited to join in the breakfast celebration at church! What an honour and we were so thankful for such blessings!

As always, the church ground was by far the most beautiful place on earth. Spiritual Garden of Eden.

Whenever it comes to food served at church, we were always blessed with hearty foodie meals and this early morning, we were greeted by the table laid with freshly cooked Korean delicacies. The grilled fish and salads were yummylicious!

My favourite…Galbitang! And yes…galbitangs served at church are often a gazillion times tastier than any restaurants out there in Seoul.

Not only were we blessed with such hearty food, cooked with love for brothers and sisters, we were able to receive spiritual food as well by watching an old video sermon of our late beloved Sr Pastor Rev. Abraham Park.

Take courage, have faith.

Father is always with us, watching over every step that we take and He will be with us until we are fully restored.

Amen! Glory, glory, hallelujah!

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