Berit graduation foodie celebration begins today! What an experience! Flying to Korea but going out of Korea immediately and coming back into Korea a day after was definitely a first. The Paris Croissant Boulangerie was usually the stop by while waiting for departure and not the other way around.

Buy Generic Clomid Tablets Online I had a 4 hour transit time to kill before departing to Guangzhou. Let me start off with coffee!

Coffee, and…red bean bun! Super duper yums! It was a great boost of delicious at 7.30am! The Seoul international airport provides free shower areas and a very clean one too!

The shower areas provide free towels and hairdyers too, with an hourly cleaning service by the cleaners.

Definitely top notch airport services and it felt so good after getting a nice shower, before hopping on to another plane.

Finally after 4 hours, Guangzhou! The local church members were really sweet to buy me a Vit C-licious orange juice! Hi-tech vending machine that freshly squeezes the plump gigantic oranges inside..and boy oh boy, they used at least 3 oranges to make mine!

We joined in the local team to practice and prepafe for the seminar and the next day, fully by thr grace of God, the first History of Redemption seminar was held in Guangzhou city! One word: Graceful! Both for us Malaysians, as well as the local Chinese. My second time worshipping in Mandarin and first time witnessing how muchthe locals love and hunger for the Word of God! Amen.

Right after the seminar, we rushed to the airport and took the next available flight back to Seoul, again.

Finally, 10.30 pm..both my feet had landed, rooted on Seoul city grounds. Too tired to go anywhere else, we headed to Coop City hotel at OryuDong and grabbed supper nearby.

A new fried chicken place just opened next door!

Tick tock. 11 o clock. Ain’t a meal one on a diet should have. The chicken meat were quite tender, but the fried skin texture lost out a little. Wasn’t as crispy and crunchy like some really good ones I had here.

KFC would not be able to survive in Korea. Too many awesome local Anyonghaseyo colonel sanders with delicious recipes to put up a good fight against Sanders.

Teeheehee. Let’s see what foodies are in store for me tomorrow onwards!

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