Taiping-like wantan noodles@Kee Kim Huat Kopitiam, Johor Bahru


About Clomid It is truly wonderful to have friends who enjoy good olde hearty breakfast meals, especially so when your friend is also a foodie person.

I joined her for an early breakfast at 7 am, along with her adorable kiddos. We came to Kee Kim Huat, where I came here few times in the past for lumch, to try the long awaited claypot chicken rice of which customers were not allowed to ‘remind them or chase them’ if their food was taking a little longer than usual to cook. 

My personal opinion was that the claypot chicken rice was good, but not enough to make me wait that long while being suppressed from enquiring. 

This time I was back here, early in the morning instead and the crowd was different! Mainly locals, families and young adult workers. Pretty homely feel and the weather that morning was super cloudy.

The claypot chicken rice stall was closed but several other stalls were opened and today we were here for wantan noodles!

One of my favourite meals and I almost always order back wantan noodles at most kopitiams. My friend said they would be sold out by 9 am and the owners would be done for the day. Wow!

While we waited for our wantan noodles, I joined in the locals’ breakfast delight, hot kopi and toast butter kaya buns. Her kiddos enjoyed them very much, and so did I. Teeheehee. Like a kid again.

My wantan noodles arrived! And my first impression was that, Hey it kinda looked like my Taiping Prima Kopitiam wantan noodles.

And yes, even the taste too! Surprised at how similar it tasted. Every ingredient tasted fresh, especially the chicken broth. Clear as sky, but full of chicken flavours and aroma.

I felt like I was teleported back to Taiping with the whole homely local scene having wantan noodles, hot coffee and toast bread.

Worthy to come back here for the WTM if you can wake up early for breakfast foodieventure!


Kee Kim Huat Kopitiam,

80, Jalan Badik, 

Taman Sri Tebrau,

Johor Bahru.

Opening hours: daily (closed on Mondays)

If you are aiming for the WTM, as adviced by foodie friend, best be there by 7 am, as the WTM will bid you bye bye by 9 am

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