Best non-Thai foodies@Bangkok

I first heard about this brand from my bestie during one of my weekends in Singapore. Dean and Deluca! Saw the first branch in Singapore. At first, I thought it was a fashion brand. 

My first attempt of trying out D&D was at the Bangkok airport. And I was blown away by the slurpilicious sweet, thick, strawberrylicious smoothie! By far one of the best smoothies I had in my entire life! Had a chance to sip a little of the caramel frap from my friend’s and boy it did not disappoint!

Craving till today for my next slurpilicious cup! Don’t know when I will ever make another trip to Bangkok…  


The McDonalds menu pricing is really premium even for normal value burger meals (average RM 15 – 25). For the first time, we have things which are cheaper in Malaysia! 

It’s great to see McDonalds serving pork burgers, something we will never ever get back home. I had my fair share of the teriyaki pork burger at my other Bangkok trip to come for Coldplay’s concert, and boy…i was blown away.

Today, I shall have the gourmet beef burger! Cost about RM20. Served with a wooden plate to give jt a premium feel.

It was crazy juicylicious, slurpilicious, tenderlicious! The beef patty was well marinated, and cooked with a smokey flavour. I topped up with a fried egg, wanting to indulge all the way through.

The McDonalds gourmet teriyaki pork and beef burger. One word for them: UNFORGETTABLE. 

These burgers and Dean & Deluca’s drinks are somethings I’ve been craving for ever since I last visited Bangkok.

Hope to return soon to rekindle my foodieventure love for these two awesome and best-est non-Thai foodies.

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