Day trip to Hakone!

Today is the day out of Tokyo city! I finally got a feel of how it was like living travelling with the locals during peak hours of a weekday. Swarms of people rushing from every corner. I felt a little intimidated and the nervousness kicked in when I lost my way. With tons of people in black suits rushing around, my eyes grew confused and i thought I would be missing my train burning the RM 200 ticket. 

Thank God! found my way through 5 minutes before 845am. Big phew of relief. Need some calories to wash away all the tension and nervousness.
The train was crazy clean. Hats down to the Japanese for their hygienic culture. The journey was really comfortable.

Ok, time for food!

Fried pork cutlet sandwich!

The sandwich was a much needed meal as the train journey was about 1.5 hours.

There’s just something about Japanese sandwiches which I couldn’t quite make out till today. Is it the soft fluffy white bread, or the margarine, or the fresh ingredients, that made the whole sandwich eating experience so awesome.

It is unlike the sandwiches we get at kisoks back home..Ham slice so thin and sometimes when you flip the sandwich open the ham only covers the part where you would see at display and the rest of the hidden parts of the sandwich…nada!

It was still packed with tourists even though I was told January is considered off peak season. But thankfully the weather was cold so it wasn’t unbearable squeezing in between the crowd in the tiny train at the bottom of the mountain to reach up here at Hakone top!

I’ve missed yet again seeing snowfall but I was excited enough seeing piles of melted snow turned clumps on the ground.

The sky was clear so Mount Fuji was like postcard print in the sight of everyone! I wished I have bought a new phone to snap better photos. But it’s okay..The best phone are my memories 🙂

There was a sulphur harvest site up here which was stunning looking. The photo doesn’t do justice of what we all saw with our own eyes. Strangely the pungent ammonia smell wasn’t that heavy. Perhaps it could be due to the cold weather.

I fell into the trap of doing everything touristy here…Taking the slow tiny train up the hill, and hopping into the cable car to the lake. The view was of course worth all the touristy travel efforts. 

I kinda wished they had music of some sort in the cable car. It was an extremely quiet ride and there was a couple inside the cable car with us and for some reason they whispered all the way which made me feel uneasy to speak as I want or act all crazy haha.

The cable car journey was a once-and-for-all thing. One ride and that’s it. I won’t be taking the ride back up again. We opted to take the bus back down to the foothill instead of getting back up in the ultra quiet cable car and cram ourselves in that tiny train to come down again.

The view walking around the foothills of Hakone was filled with little roads that crosses above small rivers.Getting views like these for local Hakone residents going to work everyday must be lovely!

While still having some time left before our train ride home, we popped in to a hotel for onsen. My first outdoor onsen! Gotta say it was strange bathing with the birds and greens surrounding me.

It was somewhat fun dipping in the hot water under a 5 degree weather but I did find it a little irking with the tiny bugs hovering around you and then dying as they land onto the water..Where we were all dipped in.

It takes time getting used to onsen culture for me. My body couldn’t take being soaked in hot temperature for long and after a while I got a litle dizzy. Plus the dead bugs on the water surface.

Okay, enough onsen. Back to Tokyo!

Hakone was beautiful and I hope I can climb Mount Fuji one day.  

For me, a day trip was sufficient for this place. Look see look see. And head back to the city.

Next meal back in Asakusa…Tonkotsu!

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