Madly delicious takoyaki@Gindaco, Harajuku

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source One of the must-eats in Harajuku, as well as in Japan itself is..Takoyaki, gooey octopus balls! I rarely had a good eating experience with most Takoyaki stalls in Malaysia.

source link But after coming across Gindaco by chance while we ventured about the Harajuku area, I’d thought I’d give this a try, seeing many people reviewed about this place favourably. There was already a long queue when I arrived. It was easily a good 10 over persons leading in queue prior to my turn.

drugs similar to clomid The wait took a good 20 minutes or so. A wee tad too long for Takoyaki. My patience could have gone real thin. Thank goodness that the working area was visible to patrons and while waiting, I had a good look over how they cooked the the balls and these guys were very serious about ensuring their Takoyakis were cooked to perfection.

Finally my turn came! Nearly 30 minutes wait. Kinda crazy as I usually will not do such things back home. Each pack comes with 8 Takoyakis and minimum cost is 550 yen.

I took the original flavour, with bonito flakes and teriyaki sauce.

It could be that I was hungry, or the greediness built up after queuing up for 30 minutes, but it was the BEST Takoyakis I ever had. Thin brownish layer of super crunchiness wrapping in the gooey soft chunky octopus bits inside. It was really amazing to have this at 5 degree weather. We were sitting at the road side, over a couple of mouldy bricks while munching ’em away. 

A few days later, I saw the branch at Ueno station with no queue at all. I would try this again at other branches instead of the Harajuku’s to avoid the long queues. 




1 Chome-14-24 Jingumae, 

Tokyo 150-0001, Japan


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