Taiwan Niu Rou Mien (牛肉麵) (beef noodles) pepsi test!


Taiwan is one of my favourite places because food is affordable and best part of all..they taste really good! I think I was in luck to stumble upon yummy finds even if it was a walk-in.

Apart from dine-ins, my personal opinion is that they have super awesome cup noodles as well! Something about those noodles that they are so springy! 

I managed to get some free niu rou mien  牛肉麵 from Taipei, each bowl was a different flavour. Pepsi test time! 

Being a chilli lover, without doubt i selected the spiciest version to begin my pepsi test.

The great thing about their NRM 牛肉麵 is the generous chunks of meat! You don’t see this in our local instant noodles. The joy and glee when slurpilicious chunks of beef came pouring out from the gigantic pack of ingredients.

You usually don’t get full with a pack of instant noodles but you will definitely be burping happily eating this NRM 牛肉麵 ! The soup was nicely seasoned, spicy and most importantly as you slurp up those springy noodles, the noodles would be nicely coating up the spicy soup…making you wanting to slurp more and more!

This one seemed less spicy looking based on its packaging (I can’t read Chinese) but nonetheless the image was testing enough for me to slurp up this goodness!

There seemed to be more beef chunks in this one but the soup did look less spicy, with more chopped spring onions added.

The noodles were thinner, and the soup was not as fiery spicy, but the beef chunks were much more tender than the other. You can’t see much from this photo, but I popped in two eggs (teeheeheehee) and it made the soup dense and rich. Another satisfying finish!

I have more pack to go. Keeping it for the very hungry, greedy for supper moments. As for these two bowls of NRM 牛肉麵 , the winner would be the spicy one for me! If I had added two eggs in the first bowl, I’d be smiling with my bulging belly all the way to dreamland. 

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