Taiwan Niu Rou Mien (牛肉麵) (beef noodles) 3rd contender pepsi test!


genuine viagra online australia pharmacy Twas a long and hairy day, but rejuvenated after receiving heavenly manna from the weekly Bible Study classes. After coming home and had my shower, our boss had tasked us for a PPT deck today, and deadline today as well. 

click here Seeing it is another long night ahead, I have decided to officiate my final bowl of Taiwan Niu Rou Mien (牛肉麵). Boost mode!

The ingredients were a little different. Noodles were in the middle of the previous two. Not too thick and not thin. I could see chilli flakes in the chilli paste. Grreeeaaatttttt. Spicy is just what I need at 10.30pm’s dinner.

The beef chunks were also rather generous. Teeheehee. I heated up mom’s leftover curry pork and added egg in too. Looks like a long night ahead calls for a feast for Ms Chuah Solo!

The colour of the soup did appear much lighter than the first bowl of noodles but the oil layer was more apparent. The soup was strangely sweet rather than spicy despite the chilli flakes. Thanks to the super slurpy springy noodles made the whole bowl of noodles a pretty fulfilling experience. The beef chunks were actually quite smokey tasting but the texture was a little too tough for my liking. 

So yes, 3 different bowls of  Taiwan Niu Rou Mien (牛肉麵) pepsi test completed.

My fav among the 3? The first super spicy chilli one! Springy crazy noodles. Spicy soup. And tender beef chunks. Can’t wait to re-stock my noodles. Who’s going to Taipei next? Dapao for miss foodieventura!

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