Masak masak Italian night!@Home

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After nights of youtubing foodie clips eg: No Boundaries: Anthony Bourdain, Tokyo street food, etc and the recently re-activated gas stove, ignited the cooking spirit again.

Tonight’s theme: Italian meatballs meet garlic cheese bread!

Shaping the Australian minced beef mixed bread crumbs, milk, paprika, egg…. these red juicy balls will be popped into a pan of tomato paste soon!

Bubbling pan of tomato paste! Bloop, bloop, bloop!

After the meat balls were lightly fried till the outer layers became slightly crunchy, they were put into the boiling pan of tomato paste, simmered until the sauced thickened. 

Whoa-lah! Italian meatballs coated with creamy tomato sauce…ready to be dipped in the bread soon!

Time to melt half a bar of New Zealand butter left in the fridge. I threw in a generous handle of chopped basil and garlic, let the herbs absorb in all the aromatic melted butter. Yums!

The only downside was that the bakery ran out of baguette, which was the original plan…had to settle for the only loaf bread there, which was a much more dense bread, added with some grains. I sliced the bread but not till it cut through, then drizzled in the seasoned melteded butter between the slices.

The bread was toasted for 30 minutes at 160 degrees.

After that, I took out the brie I bought sometime back but forgotten  to eat it. Sliced them thinly and slotted then in between the bread slices.

Since brie melts easily with even low heat, I needn’t to add the bread back into the oven.

They melted soon after I put them in. When you split the slice open, the creamy gooeyness of the brie, clung onto the bread which absorbed the melted season butter, and nicely toasted. 

Now time to combine my meatballs and the garlic cheesey bread! 

Time to feast my masak masak foodie ! Peace out!

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