Jazzylicious foodie experience!@33 Blue Room, PJ

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An impromptu catch up plan with the Red Warriors project team at 33 Blue Room. This was my first time here, and definitely my first time driving into this part of town. I wouldn’t have expected a restaurant to be located in an industrial zone. 

As I walked in, I was rather blown away from the decor of the restaurant. From the outside, I did not get the impression it would look like this inside, jazzy music, wooden feel, dim daffodil coloured lights building a cozy and romantic ambience.

We ordered the nachos as the appetizer, and apart from being really hungry, I really enjoyed the nachos! Pungent charcoal grilled aroma with generous servings of melted cheese toppings. You would be given three dippings, and my favourite was the avocado!

One of my friend some how wanted to have  sandwich for dinner, and the sandwich was really quite good, chicken fillet was tender, smokey and at least the size fitted the bread. The best item from the entire plate was the fried sweet potato strips, crazily addictive that we ordered a bowl of it separately!

The beef ribs pasta, wasn’t too bad either, tough the ribs were tiny. Not a big fan of pasta with ribs, and I’d prefer eating my ribs just as a stand alone.

The pizza, was really good too! My foodie experience so far did not disappoint. For the romantic ambience with good food, we were all happy peeps! I suspect they have a very good grill and baking oven hence all the foods that require it all turn out very nicely smoked. Including the pizza.
We witnessed a proposal here too during our dinner. Apart from the environment being a little noisy since there were alot of patrons inside, the jazzy music and romantic ambience does spark the love in the air. Everyone at the restaurant cheered for the guy as he proposed to her. And she said yes!

And so did we, with a loud yes to the hope for a better future within our respective teams and our career. 

The wine selection was not too bad either. Another RW team mate of ours is also a wine enthusiast and she did the selections.

We started with the Satellite Sauv Blanc, Marlborough 2013. I’ve always liked NZ Sauv Blanc, typically loaded with tropical flavours..hints of passion fruit and lychees. I liked the taste as it swirled around my mouth. Our food perhaps didn’t pair so well and I’ve learnt from a wine expert recently that we should order foods that pair up with what we drink for a full foodie experience.

When we finished our dinner, and wine..the guy in our group shared that he was still hungry and wanted more food and wine. We noticed that many people ordered the porkballs and we decided to try it too. Gotta say it looked starkly similar to my mom’s soy pork balls with sliced potatoes, and they tasted similar too! With the exception of the cheese pineapple tangy flavour. This went better with the red we had.

This one needed a little time to breathe in my opinion, initially it was a little heavy on the palate. But after a while, the leathery note reduced and mixed with stronger hints of cherries. 

Total damage was about RM550, between 4 of us. Mainly from the wines of course. The food price ranges between 30-50RM, the kinda price you get from most restaurants these days but, here in Blue Room 33, you get the ambience as well.

I was told this place is fully booked everyday so if you do want to dine here, it’s best to make reservations early in advance and avoid walking in.

I’d definitely would want to return again soon to give this place another try for the other foods available on the menu.

33 Blue Room, as Arnold says it “I’ll be back!”

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33 Blue Room,

2A-Jalan 51/225a,

Seksyen 51a, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 0166689199

Opening hours: 

Mon-Thurs, Sun : 11am – 12am

Fri-Sat: 11am – 1am

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