Decent prices, decent food!@Backofen, Desa Sri Hartamas

Viagra originale 100 mg miglior prezzo I’ve been living in this neighbourhood for years, but I’ve always skipped Backofen, either I was having my meal elsewhere nearby and somehow forgotten about this place…until today. After a long exhausting hour at the gym, my tummy was all geared up for a meal and after 6 years, I am determined to have my meal at the infamous Backofen today!Known for it’s homely feel, with decent food and prices for this area.

viagra generico 50 mg prezzo a Torino The cafe was packed even at dinner time. The waiter was extremely pleasant and he also shared that most patrons are local Hartamas residents who had been eating here for years. This place was opened since the early 90s, and it is really great to hear that the owner strives to keep the food prices at minimal inflation. The mushroom soup, was only RM 6 and it tasted really delicious! You could taste the chunky bits of mushroom. Very homey feel, and comforting for a wet night, after a long hard day at work.

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The salad was similarly priced as the soup as well. It does look quite simple, and something you can probably prep up easily at home. But the key factor was its salad dressing, slightly sourish, zesty, citrusy, bringing out the freshness of the vegs. Diet goers, good choice to get a plate of this!

This sandwich cost less than RM 15, but boy oh boy, it was so hearty, and exerted the feeling of comfort. And i knew how it would taste like by just looking at the sandwich.

Fried egg + luncheon meat + vegs + nicely toasted foccasia = kaboom! Everything a kid could ask for minus the vegs. Perhaps it was because I used to have sliced luncheon meat wrapped sandwishes since I was a kid in school and eating this sandwich brought back old memories. 

You would be so stuffed by the time you eat both slices of sandwich plus the mashed potato chunks. I for one, do not enjoy chunky potato dishes, but I made an exception for this mash!

This roast lamb rack came in two gigantic pieces which cost RM20+. Generous portion indeed! Though the meat was a little too chewy and tough for those whos’ teeth may not be able to withstand  the chews and ngaws. Needless to say, for that price…this dish would qualify as a steal deal. The presentation of this dish, also looked quite decent and when the plate landed on the table, I gotta say my tummy growled even louder than ever .

Those who are here for a meal, and not intending to torch the pockets on fire..Backofen is a steal deal, and the food quality is more than average!

Looks like I have a new addition to the must-have foods in Desa Sri Hartamas, Backofen!


Backofen Cafe,

34, Jalan 24/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas,

50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: 10 am – 10 pm daily (except Mondays )

FB Page:

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