Homey Korean dinner@Dae Sa Kwan, Desa Sri Hartamas 

Being crazy sick again within two weeks after recovery shows how one’s body crashes after being overworked coupled with a crazy ass stealth flu bug. I’ve stayed away from spicy food for two weeks, and now being sick again, to steer away from spicy food for another two weeks after? Painful. Painful. Indeed.

I could have bought some buns from Boite De Bijoux, but I took notice of Dae Sa Kwan, which was still rather empty! (Guess I was early). This Korean restaurant was always packed most nights, and I had dropped by a couple of times but there weren’t any available tables.

Sore throat aside. Cough aside. Flu aside. Tonight, was my calling for DSK! I stayed away from the spicy based vegs, but the rest were okay. The appetizers were quite yummy! With a very home cooked feel. We had the honour of having the lady boss to serve us as well half the time. And her husband too, came out of the kitchen now and then to check with the patrons on how the food was.

This sollongtang wouldn’t be something I would personally order seeing that my first choice would be something superbly red and fiery looking, but I made way for my attempt to recover quickly before I become too sick to work. It was really quite hearty feeling to drink the hot broth with an inflamed throat! The beef ribs were quite tender. The only slight downside is the overly dashed pepper over the soup. I think reducing the pepper would have been a better choice. Otherwise, pretty good dish overall!

The spicy fried pork on the hot plate, was obviously not for me. But yes, how could I resist them staring right back at me! I took a few slices and tried them. They were not bad but I would prefer Mr Kim’s version. This somehow tasted a little close to home, perhaps the recipe may have been tweaked just a little bit to fit our local taste? I’m not certain. But just my personal opinion.

The service overall was good, the workers were courteous and the owners were proactively engaging with customers. Food was alright, but the environment was clean and comfortable. Perhaps all these packaged together, drew the constantly packed crowd every night.

Total damage was bout RM 90 which was a little on the higher end compared to the regular ones I frequent to. I guess DSK does has its few key selling points to ensure their customers are returning ones. Otherwise they would not have been in this highly competitive neighbourhood till this day.


40, Jalan 25/70a,

Desa Sri Hartamas,

Kuala Lumpur.


Opening hours: daily (11.30 am – 3.00pm, 5.30pm – 10.30pm)

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