Melaka-licious foodie day trip!

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It was a day trip work to Melaka and I haven’t eaten anything except my home made hand filtered cuppa coffee to accompany me and the 2 hour drive from home.

Work started from the moment I reached until past 2.30pm. Hunger pang kicked in like a gorilla. My colleague based here was very kind to bring me out for a good late lunch/early dinner meal since it was already nearly 4pm when we came by to Jonker Street.

This shop was second choice following my colleague’s recommendation. Since the first choice stall was closed for the day, I told him anything local for this gorilla will be fine as long as I have some sugar intake soon!

The whole place was packed from the front all the way and we had to share tables with some Korean tourists.


Even curry laksa was sold out so we settled for the Assam one. Which was purrrrfectly fine! Looked rather simple, but darn it…the soup was awesome! Citrus, tangy, zesty goodness and somewhat generous with the fish bits. The Yong tau fu portions were separate additions. Gorilla pounds the chest. Gorilla eats! Ngarm ngarm ngarm.


A melaka foodie trip would not be complete without the trademark cendol eh? Soaked with coconut cream deliciousness and drizzled over with gula melaka, these red beans and cendol strips spelled magic right after the fiery spicy sour Assam laksa under a 35 degree heat.


Oh wait. I went ahead too fast! A melaka foodie trip would not be complete without Klebang Coconut Shake!

When I got there it was nearly 6pm and perfect time to buy this for my drive back to KL! The nicely thin shaved ice, blended in the white coconut flesh. Gosh, just imagine sipping this under the hot weather. Now, my melaka foodie day trip was complete!

Happy girl, driving home. Sipping Klebang Coconut Shake. Fed gorilla appetite with Assam laksa and cendol. Teeheehee.

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