Shhhhhhhh! Custom made cocktail@P&C, Desa Sri Hartamas


I came to P&C with my besties once, after dinner and drinks at Bricks & Barrels. And here I was again, for the second time. Similar routine, after a good catch up D&D at B&B.

Hardly noticed, likely missed. Dark from the outside plus the entrance door was black. Those who are keen to pop by, just look out for Naughty Nuri’s. It is located at the back of NN’s, and P&C also belongs to NN’s owner.

There has been a great hype and interest on spigeasy bars recently, and this is one of it. Small cozy wood like place, designed to look a little like cowboy mafia like whiskey bar, with a giant poster of Al Pacino on the wall. Ambience was really quite nice, perfect for more serious drinks and having a decent conversation (had to shout me lungs out talking in B&B)


As there are no fixed drinks menu, when you sit down, the bartender will pass you a card with check boxes listing down various flavours you would like to experience from your cocktail. I’ve grown to like whiskey in the recent years, so I chose two flavours: smokey and citrus.

The bartender would then cater the cocktail following the choice of my flavours, and if the combination is something new and unique, you can even name the drink and claim it as “your” drink haha.

I liked my giant ice cube very much, perfect for whiskey. And my ice cube was also imprinted with their logo, the mysterious cat. I thought that adding a slice of orange skin with a print of the cat was a pretty neat touch, adding to the whole package of a well made cocktail. Taste + looks + experience.


This one, I think had the combination of sweet, and spicy, can’t recall the third flavour. Even for the spicy flavour, they asked us how spicy we wanted the drink to be, out of 10pointer. 3 points was about 1/4 of the chilli padi, which was really quite spicy already for this cocktail. Pretty neat to clip a chilli padi at the side haha.

The drinks are all flat RM60 regardless of the choice of flavours. Definitely not cheap, for regular drinking, in my income standards. But gotta say, the thought of not knowing how your drinks would turn out as you change your flavours, anticipating how the bartender would wou you by a creating a new look for your drink each time does make me want to go back regularly.

Talking about the price of drinks, we were also caught in between a rather hilarious drama scene, of a overly-PDA couple behind us who insisted the bartender to produce a menu showing RM 60/cocktail, to justify paying for the drinks. They claimed being caught off guard by the price and threatened not to pay.

Well, the situation was understandable as I was also surprised at the price when I first paid but I acknowledge that the cocktails are high quality cocktails. But to cause a scene for a good 15minutes with fake English UK/US/Aussie? accent and after finally paying, insisted to be escorted out….was a bit…Telenovela I gotta say, haha.

I guess I’ll be visiting P&C sometime soon.

It’s quite fun to sit at the bar having conversations with the bartenders, you can get a whole hard liquor history lessons from all over the world while sipping your custom made cocktail 🙂

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