finally, we have arrived!@Nogodan church, Mt Jiri, Gurye


From Yeoju, it took us another whopping 4 hours bus ride to Gurye where Nogodan church was located. The journey was quite tiring for with our bodies, with the constant adjustment to the freezing cold weather outside and the overly heated temperature inside.

After several on and off naps, and a few head bangs on the side window, we finally arrived! …at the dinner place, not far off from church.

As I stepped outta the bus…shaves of white ice and some hardened blocks of ice were seen on the ground and pavements. Whee! Even though I didn’t get the chance to see snow falling from the sky, but at least I got to touch them from the ground.

Our meal was at a restaurant located at a rest area, chicken chop! Yums! Loved the sauce and salad. The trip also brought great physical blessings to the restaurant owners here. The place was packed by PKJI overseas congregation members.


Once we finished our dinner, we hopped on the bus for another 10-15minutes ride and we were finally here!

Nogodan church, was formerly a hotel but now converted into a place of worship for those who love the Word of God.

It was beautiful, beyond words. The ground floor cafe was surrounded by giant, brightly lited white chandeliers, bulbs individually polished clean by he church members. Amazing! Wood carved chairs and tables of different shapes and sizes were displayed and used at the fellowship area. Before you walk in, you can see a beautiful rack of all the books written by our beloved Sr. Pastor Rev. Abraham Park, the books that made my heart break down to open and receive Christ.


The sanctuary was beautiful. Wooden benches for the congregation to sit in at services and for prayers.


It was pretty awesome that the local church members prepared a lot of refreshments and eg: coffee, cookies, drinks, fruits for supper/tea, and you can have that at every floor!

They really put their heart on to preparing for guests, even the fruits were nicely cut and placed inside plastic cups. It was a way also to teach us how we shall serve to guests in future when they visit The Lord’s Covenant Church!

After supper, we headed back to the dorm and rested. Early morning lectures tomorrow!

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