A must-have buttery crunchy experience@Paul & Paulina 폴앤폴리나, Seoul


I always try to never miss the chance of dropping by at Paul & Paulina Bakery,폴앤폴리나 I am in Seoul. My first experience of it was at Hongik, at the top slope up the hill from the women’s university. The pungent whiff of buttery aroma reached me nose even from below. I could not erase the euphoric moment of landing my first bite upon the crunchy buttery, fluffy layers of the croissants.

I loved the fact how the staff gave immense amount of free samples to the queuing patrons outside and that method really worked as everyone was super gluttony and greedy by the time their turn came and they would buy just about everything that was sampled to them.

I was so thrilled to know they opened the second branch just nearby Namusairo. Wow, killed 3 birds with one mouth! Teeheehee.


I’ve tried many, many, many croissants, even the ones in the famed Paris. Surprisingly, the best croissant for me is the one that comes from Seoul, Paul & Paulina. Crossing even above Tiong Bahru Bakery, in Singapore.

I sat just at road side on those brick layered plants and happily devoured every buttery bit of this out-of-the-world croissant!


Of course, not forgetting the chocolate croissants. Photos really can’t filly justify how awesome these pastries were. Can you see each nicely baked layers of the fluffy, yet crunchy buttery deliciousness?


The chocolates they used were good quality bitter sweet chocolates, evelating its quality to a whole new level. Once your teeth sinks in, those warm melted chocolate just burst inside your mouth. I’ve became a die hard fan of P&P every since my love at first bite in Hongik.


After a fulfilling croissant eating escapade, we walked around the touristy filled palace surroundings and they were all brightly lited with these purple pink blossoming beauties!

Paul & Paulina 폴앤폴리나 , I’ll see you soon at winter! Sends exciting thrilling shivers down my spine just imagining myself eating the perfectly baked warm buttery croissants below zero degrees temperature. 🙂

It is also listed in CNN’s as top 7 best bakeries in Seoul. You can read more at this link: http://travel.cnn.com/seoul/eat/seouls-7-best-french-bakeries-883832/

I can’t find the exact address of Paul & Paulina’s branch at Gwanghwamun, but it is just within walking distance from Namusairo. Just ask around after a good cuppa there, and you’ll be there enjoying the buttery greatness in no time!

Address below is for the original branch at Hongik :
Paul & Paulina (폴앤폴리나)
마포구 서교동 344-6
344-6 Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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