Home made guiltylicious sandwich@My crib


The week had been a whirlwind up till the the last minute of the 5-day working week. I decided to have some self-relaxing therapy…making my own dinner!

It was worth all the sweat and weariness of carrying these heavy groceries back from Tuudi, a local grocery chain in Rome. Can you spot which are from Rome and which are from Mont Kiara? Teeheehee.


Toast butter on one side of the sliced load, and toast the other sides with mustard and honey. Toast with sliced ham and sliced cremosissimo. Sprinkled over with some basil and pepper. Heavenly! Now…time to gelojoh!


Bought this back also from Tuudi, cost about 5 Euros (smacks own head). Our Malaysia alcohol tax is just too crazy! Boy oh boy, was I so pleased with the vino!

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