Hearty meal cooked by mom@JJ’s big day, Taiping


Although I only had several hours of sleep, and the voice was a little sore from the practice at Lilow’s crib the night before (plus the beer+snacks+what not), myself and the rest of the girls were madly excited over JJ’s big day.

Even my mom was excited for me and she made a hearty breakkie meal for me before I left to church. Japanese noodles, with pork slices and fried egg (Kali dua!). As I rarely get a chance to have such meals for breakfast since it is always on-the-go or rushing in KL, I felt so pampered even just by looking at this hearty meal!

I felt like i was one of the casts of a Korean family in a Korean drama, always waking up from bed and walking into a yummylicious array of food placed on the dining table.


JJ looking gorgeous with the bouquet of red roses and standing next to her, the man of her life, the kind, responsible, calm, cool Mr.M!

Through her wedding, we all got a great rendezvous session as well, hanging out with old friends like how it was two decades back (oops!)

Looking forward for the next wedding/rendezvous in Kuantan!

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