Braised duckie goodness!@Tai Keh Huat, Skudai, Johor

acquistare vardenafil Genova image This shady spot, popularly known amongst local Johor Bahru-ians, and our friendly neighbour Singaporeans and siblings Melaccans, for its amazing braised duck.

watch We were here early hence the lunch crowd has yet to come. The strong, heavy, smell of herbs and savoury meatiness of the duck surrounded the area. Tummy…growling…bad…!

treatment with 500 mg of prednisone image Nothing seemed perfect without braised herbal eggs and tofu. Pretty average, but oh well, it ain’t complete having duck noodles without this!

buy viagra us image You can select the type of noodles of your liking: be it kueh teow, bee hoon, yellow mee, lou shu fun etc to go along with your braised duck. I went with the usual fav of my, kueh teow!


This was half a braised duck’s portion. Really huge! And there were only two of us. Burpsssss. Ok, protein intake! The duck meat, deserved its fame and popularity. Tenderlicious, and juicy! Filled with all the herb fragrances and not too fatty also (my style). Thumbs up! Even though it was just the two of us, we braced through and stuffed ’em deliciousness down our tummies!


In a way, this dish reminded me a lot of Ba Kut Teh, with its servings of tofu, fried foo chuk and herb based flavours. Disregarding all the oil and fats absorbed into these crispy flaky fellas, I whalloped up piece after piece.

Total damage was about 20 per pax which I’d thought it really ain’t bad for the generous portion we received. It’d probably be nice if there were 3 of us instead of 2.

Worthy place to come by and oh yeah, many politicians visited this place also, particularly MCA. Don’t know why but, guess good food draws no boundaries!

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Kedai Masakan Itik Taika Huat
source site Address: Jalan Kilang Nenas (Jalan Skudai Batu 8½ near Lee Pineapple Factory and SJK Kuo Kuang school)
here Hours: 8:30am to 4:00pm (closed on first day of every lunar month)

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