9-hour foodie marathon ended with@Sushi Tei, Raffles City, Singapore

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Tiong Bahru Bakery. One place I will always, always, always, always ! Visit…if I am ever in Singapore. Despite only having 9 hours here, I was not going to leave this land without packing away these crunchy, sweet, flaky, delicious goodies!

Stopping at City Hall MRT before Changi, we quickly ran up and bought a pack of croissants and kouge amman. The buttery aroma filled the air. So, so, so, so yums!

After that, we took a several flights of escalators up Raffles City mall to the top floor, and headed to Sushi Tei. Singapore’s sushis are actually great. The quality of an average chain like Sushi Tei already serves quality sashimis. The quality varied so much from the STs in Klang Valley, and I am serious about it!


The photo speaks for itself. The sashimis were really fresh and decently sliced. My favourite was the maguro. No regrets having the sashimis in Singapore! The only slight downside observed this time was that they were more thinly sliced than the ones I had on my last trip here, earlier this year.


The grilled unagi rolls, were nicely seasoned. Taste was great as the grilled unagis did not have the muddy, greasy taste and texture to them, but the slight downside observed was that the sliced unagis were also thinner than the last time I had them.

Cost cutting measures? Gosh. I hope not. You guys are doing well already with serving quality Japanese food. Please do not take this measure!

After having our meal, we hopped on the MRT to Changi. My jaw dropped as I paid SGD 2.50 for my train ticket. Nowhere in the world, we pay so little to get to an airport. People may argue that the distance is short…to me…regardless on the distance….2.50??? It would only bring us 2-3 stops for us in KL. I don’t even want to go towards the public buses (horrifying experiences with Metrobus).

Good job Singapore public transport system! Keep it up!

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