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After walking out of Cambio, we took a good 15-minute stroll or so, probably a couple o’ blocks up to The Commune Social, one of the top hangout restaurant/bars in town. Just in time! As the only open at 6pm onwards.

The dimly lited romantic feel place was already packed when we arrived. The layout of the place was narrow but elongated, with the bar and restaurant stretched all the way in.

We sat very deep in, at the end of the restaurant, by the kitchen, to watch the chef-perts do their thing. It was quite cool to see ’em cooking, in a setting much like Hell’s kitchen. The head chef really did screw one of the cooks when the dish presented was under average.


Cheers! To an Estrella beer. One of the higher end Spanish beers, served in a glass!


The cheese baked appetizer, with sun dried tomato slices, was…really SMALL portion. Haha. When the dish arrived, only did I realize that my tummy ain’t gonna be full from this meal!


It wasn’t bad! Did open up our taste buds from the combustion flavours of cheese and egg and tomatoes. Just, very, very small portion..phew.


The Commune Social burgers apparently is a must-have. The chef stationed right in front of us was where these golden buttery tender juicy babies were prepared. Gotta say, the beef patty was OOOMMPPPHHHHH! BUT..POPPED. Gone in an instant. Small portion. Phew.


These guys are rather sentimental in nature. They gave out little note books where you could pen down anything you could think of during your dining experience here.

I, too, felt sentimental and marked my foothold here too! So, checked! Miss foodieventura was here!

And one hour later……..


Local China bottle of beer, and a plate of fried chicken ordered via room service. Supper time! Now this is what we call, a real meal! *burps*

The Commune Social
511 Jiangning Rd, Jing’an,
Shanghai, China
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