Post-dawn prayer breakfast@Seksyen 14, PJ

vardenafil originale 20 mg miglior prezzo image Sometimes, TLCC brothers and sisters will gather for a fellowship breakkie after Friday dawn prayers and today was one of those breakkie days! Sekyen 14 corner kopitiam is one of the spots we frequent after dawn prayer, being near to church and also to some of our office work places. There is a famous Chee Cheong Fun stall at this kopitiam and it is constantly sold out by 8 in the morning. If you are there, you will see most tables have CCF plates on their tables. Today, everyone ordered the same except me. Plates of smooth, silky, white deliciousness. And combine it with a hot cuppa stocking filtered coffee.


I opted for the toasted bread instead, which is pretty good here! Decently added butter and home made kaya. Yumsssss……. 🙂

Early morning goers, especially those in the pharmaceutical industry where the offices are nearby, worthy visit for breakfast and I’m sure the rest of the day will be great if you start off with an awesome breakfast!

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