Railway track cycling adventures@foodie cycling trip, Tai Tung


After sashimi session, we continued our cycling journey. If only we cycled the day before when the sky was cloudy. It was bright and blue that day. Skin….almost….cooked.

Bus loads of tourists came in and snapped photos of the rocky beach and sea. I know by taking the bus, joining the tour plans, we may miss a lot of adventure, but the thought of sitting down in an air-conditioned vehicle was truly tempting!

Okay. It’s alright. Let the spirit of adventure keep burning on! We cycled for another good 30 minutes ahead, saw some nice views of the sea before we decided to turn back. The journey cycling back was…phew…another set of adventure, particularly aiming at the sun burnt aspect. By 11am, the sun was shining at its best. I was sweating profusely, under the constant rays of light. The exposed areas of my arms and legs were starting to turn red.


Thank goodness after paddling for 20 minutes under direct sunlight, we reached back to the main part of Fu Gang and the moment we were able to see the green Seven Eleven logo, we dashed in to get some air-conditioning and rest for the weary legs.

Then, there was this super duper cute cow banner plastered on the wall, and the cute animated cow was next to a delicious looking animated ice cream cone.

My eyes sparkled through my dripping sweat. Eye-su krim-mu hana juseyo! This milk based sundae was extremely delicious! Smooth, sweet, and generously portioned!

I was anxiously eating it, so much so, I grew careless and dropped the ice cream cone on the ground. (Facepalm). There goes RM12, and I haven’t even reached half way through enjoying my sundae cone. Sniffs.


After resting for a good 20 minutes, I rejuvenated myself with a bottle of cold tea, and we resumed our journey back to the city. The route was longer and at that time, all I wanted to do was…take a cab and ditch the bicycle. Thankfully, we successfully persevered and after nearly an hour of cycling, we shouted for joy upon our first sight of shophouses.

Before we cycled any further, we pit stopped at MCD to replenish our energy. The old railway track cycling/walking trail was just next to MCD. This was the gorgeous view of my railway track cycling path. Gorgeous eh?


The cost of MCD was equally as expensive as the cost of a meal back home. This was probably the only country next closest to Malaysia in terms of food quality. Bleh! No good!


After a crappy meal at MCD, we decided to quickly paddle home and eat somewhere nearby Star 101.

From the moment I saw the trail’s starting point, I had no regrets all the way. The view I got at each major railway track route was fantastic. You would be amazed how beautiful it was cycling behind the backyard of houses, paddy fields, parks, bridges.


I took a short break just to breathe in the fresh air and watch the wind blew through the paddies. This was one of the most peaceful moments felt after an adrenaline rush cycling trip in the morning.

Enough of cycling. Once we reached back, it was around 4pm.
All I did was took a long shower, cleaned up, napped till 10pm and ordered fried chicken wings for supper and ate in bed while watching old films before resuming my nap.

So this was how sun stroke feels like. Haha.

Alright, now let’s head back to the city!

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