Genesis Genealogies, History of Redemption Series Seminar@Grace Methodist Church Sentul, 11 July 2015 image The last time the History of Redemption Seminar was held in Klang Valley was four years ago. This year, we are blessed to have the second one, hosted by Grace Methodist Church, Sentul on 11 July, 2015, 2.30pm – 7.00pm.


This was the first book of the History of Redemption series, authored by our beloved Rev. Abraham Park, and the books received tremendous response with positive testimonies given by renowned theologians, pastors and saints worldwide.

In fact this book, was what got me curious about the bible and became a believer. I started to read more and more, as book has showed so much depth in the bible scriptures and meaning as these books to me.


Through the Genesis Genealogies book, the author meticulously arranged the first 20 patraichal generation from Adam all the way to Abraham, with the redemptive historical significance behind God’s work to save mankind. From this book, we can know the year, age and plan of each generation and how their lives are so important to us today, and not something of the long gone past.


The biblographies of the speakers are all in this brochure.
For more information, you may reach out to Ms Agnes Chin, via email : or mobile: 016 309 8920.
Or just drop your message here, and I will do my best to assist!

Do come and attend if you are able to and be blessed by the spiritual awakening of the Word of God?

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