Cup noodles are the in-thing@Mr Lobster’s Secret Den, Taipei

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follow link Convenient stores are a way of life in Taipei. Every street, every road, every corner..lies a convenient store, including this shabby building as well. After checking in, and taking a good 2-hour nap, miss tummy came knocking on brain’s door. Knock knock knock. Growl growl growl.

dove comprare viagra generico 25 mg pagamento online We went down and bought some spicy flavoured cup noodles for late lunch.

dove comprare levitra generico 20 mg Mr Lobster’s Den dining area has a nice bar table with high stools with a view overlooking the neighbourhood. image

After I left high school, I dropped the love of instant noodles after noticing that my hair strands turned white and managed to avoid buying them for years, unless I have no other choices left on a hungry day…then I would cook it at home.

Until coming to Taipei, I felt my years of abstinence replenished all in one week. And I know why too.

Damnit, their instant cup noodles tasted so good!


Each pack only cost about RM 3.50, and I fell in love with the one with sliced pork. Full of flavour and it came with generous pork bits too. The texture of the noodles was chewy, tangy and slurpy!

On the final day in Taipei, I went to Carrefour and bought back 20 bowls of ’em. No regrets! When I come back again, I am going to buy more!

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