Korean fried chicken frenzy!@Chicken69, MyeongDong, Seoul

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http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=viagra-generico-200-mg-prezzo-piu-basso-a-Venezia The first time I walked around Myeong Dong, this foodie street, with several eateries focusing on fried chicken and filled with patrons, caught my attention. But I already had my dinner and decided to come back here on my last night to have Korean fried chicken!

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=viagra-generico-100-mg-prezzo-a-Torino So….here, I am back! It was quite hard to select which eatery to dine in as they looked rather similar in food choices and menu, but we settled for …Superman PSY lookalike Chicken 69, simply because of the attractive comic strip signboard.

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see url The weather was really cooling on my final night here. Purrrrrrfect for hot, spicy, crunchy Korean style fried chicken!

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dove comprare Viagra generico 100 mg a Roma There weren’t any portion choices at this place so we had to settle for 1 order of Chicken69’s trademark spicy sauce coated fried chicken. When the food came, my jaw dropped looking at the amount of chicken pieces served.

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acquistare levitra senza ricetta Firenze Obviously, we couldn’t finish it all but we stuffed as much as we can with the beer pitchers too. The chickens were really fresh, we could tell from the texture of the meat. The thickness of the batter was just nice also.

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http://buy-generic-clomid.com/buy_clomid_50_mg_tablets.html This thinly made crunchy cheese sticks were given as appetisers and hey, they went quite well with beer!
Round 2 yo! The combination of beer+fried chicken+cold weather = no words to describe but smile wide.


Rather than feeding ourselves till our tummies burst, we decided to pack up the balance of the chicken chunks and gave it away to a homeless old man whom we saw by chance, rummaging through the trash to look for something. I saw a sudden sparkle in his eyes when he held the warm box of fried chicken in his hands. He deserved every bit of a good meal at least for this cold chilly night.


We proceeded across the MyeongDong road and climbed up the comic strip hill to head to Namsan tower. Having been to Seoul so many times, I had never gone to the tower to do at least one touristy thing here.


It cost one person about RM 25-30 or 8000won for a return journey via cable car up to the top of namsan hill were the tower was located. Being the kiausu that I was, thinking the return trip would reduce my queuing time, I bought the return trip only to waste it away for my journey back down. The queue for the returning trip via cable car was 5 times longer than the one going up that we gave up waiting and just walked all the way down instead.

Going up in a bunch of overly public display of affection couples getting crammed with you in cable car sucked big time with overprotective boyfriends landing their hands and arms every where to “shield off” their girlfriends, inadvertently taking up more space from others. Boooo…and to a certain extent grabbing and smoothing overly away too. *sour grapes*


I had no expectations of what I would see up here besides the hill view of the city and the tower. Was quite surprised to see so many shops up here and ample eateries around too. The whole place was packed with tourists and locals also, with many bringing all kinds of locks to add in to the locked memory trees and fences. Some left blessed written wishes on those locks, some others hung notes on them, some added luggage locks also.


A panoramic view through my MI3, didn’t look that good but the sight view was breathtaking. Coupled with the strong cold breeze, it’d be perfect with you have a hot cuppa up here right now.

My last night here viewing this… ahh… bliss.

I’m missing you already Seoul, see you soon ! Hopefully with this weather too!




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