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Despite the spicy filling dinner, tummy all covered with kimchi and spam, I wasn’t going to miss out on dropping by at Cacao Green for some yoghurt ice cream goodness.

Although it was a Saturday night, it seemed rather empty unlike the few times I came before. Perhaps we were still early.

We got a nice and cozy spot by the window to enjoy our desserts while watching the hustle and bustle going on below.


Nothing much had changed since the time I came here last October, except two things. The cacaogreen photographer and the obviousness of Red Mango’s logo and ice creams. His photos were still hung around the walls of the cafe but somehow I felt that he might have left the business. And for some reason, the presence of the yoghurt ice cream was missing too.

Perhaps, change in management or split between partners.


Although I first had in mind to order the double scoop yoghurt ice cream with almonds (now just a tiny section in their revised menu), since I had never tried their chocolate desserts, I decided to switch gears and give its trademark dessert a try: chocolate cake with ice cream, hot chocolate sauces and assortment of nuts, topped with sweetened dried orange chunks and rind.


OK…Presentation wise. WOW. Although I was so full, the mighty power of my mind psyched me to think that I totally have space for more food. Specifically this chocolate ice cream.

The nuts given were all expensive quality nuts eg: macadamia, almonds, pecans , and ALOT of them.


The hot chocolate sauce was separately given to you in a petite jar, so you could drizzle this deliciousness over the ice cream cake and be woah-ed by it for a good few seconds.

Woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..(3 seconds). *snaps photo*

Taste wise for the desserts I would say it still could not beat Max Brenner’s chocolate desserts.


Mr Rush rushed to peek in to see what the commotion was about with cacaogreen’s chocolate dessert. Yes, you could tell from those eyes that this dessert is a winner!


The trimmed and twirled fried potatoes were one of the most popular street food choices here. This elderly couple were busy twirling away the potato’s and deep frying them till they turned golden brown and crispy. I could imagine it would be nice to eat this in such cold weather.

So, cacaogreen photographer, are you still around snapping photos of cacaogreen fans?

Red Mango Cacao Green 레드망고 카카오그린
3F, 32-5 Myeongdong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
Tel :02-3789-3102
Opening Hours :10:00 – 23:00 daily
FB page:

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