Tandoori Chicken Pow Wow@Pak Putra, Melaka

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dove acquistare vardenafil generico in italia Located nearby another must-come place in Melacca, asam pedas Laksamana, Pak Putra gained great fame as one of the hot spots for a good supper meal.

Cialis generico online farmacia senza ricetta in Milano The place was full, with both locals and angmohs, busy eating these delicious food. I guess travel sites had already helped PP reach out to many foreigners considering the large caucasian crowd present when I arrived here.

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comprare viagra online generico a Parma The Tandoori was actually not bad. It is one of PP’s most hightly sought after dish. Although the tandoori seemed a little more fried-like to me rather than grilled, but the flavouring and marination compensated for the slight downfall.

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clomid drug insert package The setting was no different from any mamaks, except that the waiters spoke better English and were able to recommend dishes better, from their improved probing skills.

The butter chicken (apologies on the lousy photos as it was really quite dark where we were seated), was yummulicious! Tenderlicious chicken chunks with creamylicious gravy, filled with the fragrant aroma of ghee. RM9/pot.


The Bendi ghobi was filled with wok hei! Gravy was like thickened dhall with actual potato chunks inside. The spicy wok hei gravy coated each slice of lady fingers perfectly. RM 6.


To balance off the heavy flavours of spices and aroma, a plain naan did just fine to bring the yin and yang into our meal. The best naan, still went to Fiercer’s!


The naan expert was a rather friendly one too. He gladly allowed me to slow down his speed of baking for a slight bit, to take a couple of photos of the fluffy naans cooking their way in the round clay furnace. Full respect to this chef as I could not bear even 5minutes standing next to this super hot thing. And he needs to be next to it from 6pm to 2pm everyday. His skin must be made of heat repellant.


Kudos also to the chef in charge of the tandoori chicken grilling. It was some really crazy heat even just standing a near distance away, and this fellow was literally by its side for hours. These guys must be some sorta X-Men super power chefs with heat-repellant skin suits!

Total damage was RM 15/pax. Wasn’t bad actually for the quality and quantity of food were got. Definitely a worthy try and it deserves another return. Next trip!

Pak Putra Tandoori & Naan
Jalan Laksamana 4,
75200, Melaka.
Tel: 012-601 5876
Opening hours: 6.00 pm-2.00 am (Tuesdays – Sundays)

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